Miami Eats: CVI.CHE 105 @ Downtown

When Jas and I were in Miami for our cruise, we met up with Jake (a friend from Peabody) since he was in the area for work. Jake had spent a few months in Peru student-teaching, and had come to love Peruvian food. Jake brought us to CVI.CHE 105 after reading good reviews of it on Yelp. It was our first time  having Peruvian food, and I’m glad it was at CVI.CHE 105. When we first walked in, we were greeted with the modern white and transparent decor of CVI.CHE 105. I knew then that we were in for a treat!

Since I have very limited exposure to Peruvian food, I let Jake and our waiter do the recommendations. I know I love ceviche, so we got a ceviche to share. I decided to go all out with raw fish, and had their virgin tiradito. After all, who can resist a description that said “… treated in their purest form to capture heaven on your plate and nirvana on your palate.” Jas decided to go with the causa con relleno de pollo (yellow potatoes stuffed with chicken salad) and Jake had the anticuchos (beef hearts.)

Ceviche @ Cviche 105

Ceviche Pucusana – $10.95: The ceviche was absolutely delicious! Served with the standard cancha (roasted chulpe corn), sweet potato and choclo (Peruvian large-kernelled corn) and a good amount of red onion, everything blended together perfectly. The fish was fresh and well marinated with the lime. The sauce was an interesting light and creamy concoction that I could not get enough of. I wish they had served slightly more sweet potatoes and cancha with it, but it was still delicious and I would highly recommend this to anyone! [Even Jas liked it!]

Stuffed Potato Causa with Chicken Salad @ Cviche 105

Causa con Relleno de Pollo – $6.95: The causa is made from a special kind of yellow potato and yellow Peruvian peppers, which gives it it’s distinctive color. I really liked the texture and flavor of the potatoes, but the chicken salad begged for something more, since the texture and flavor just blended in so smoothly with the potatoes. I feel that there was more potatoes than chicken salad, and the overall combination was not very balanced.

Virgin Sliced Tiradito @ Cviche 105

Virgin Sliced Fish Tiradito – $8.95: This virgin sliced tiradito was perfect in every way. The sauce was rich, creamy and a little tart, and was the perfect compliment to the fresh and thinly sliced white fish. Served with some cancha and choclo, it surely did live up to being ‘nirvana on my palate.’

Anticuchos (Cow hearts) @ Cviche 105

Anticuchos – $8.95: The beef hearts were nicely marinated, and very tender. I’ve had hearts before, and these were definitely some better hearts than others. Served with a delightful, rich and tangy gravy with crispy sliced potatoes and choclo, this would be something I’d look forward to having again.


Address: 105 NE 3rd Ave
Miami, FL 33132

Tel: 305-577-3454

Hours: M-Th | 11.30am – 10pm
F | 11.30am – 11pm
Sa | 12nn – 11pm
Su | 12nn – 10pm

Price Range: $$ ($10-$20 pp)


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