Miami Eats: Cafe Charlotte @ South Beach

We stayed a night in Miami’s famous (or infamous) South Beach in an old, but newly renovated Art Deco boutique hotel on Ocean Drive. The hotel was really nothing to cry about (we wish it did though), but the location was excellent. We had all sorts of delicious foods just a short walk from us, and it took us a while to decide on what we wanted to have for dinner. We finally decided on Cafe Charlotte because it had good Yelp reviews, and was only a short walk away from our hotel.

Cafe Charlotte is an Argentinean-Italian restaurant, and the menu had all the staples from both cuisines. I was excited by many of the items, but decided to go with the skirt steak, and Jas surprisingly ordered the spaghetti carbonara – surprising, because Jas tries to avoid bacon as much as he can. As soon as our orders were in place, we were promptly served with a bread basket, butter and glasses of water. The service was impeccable, although there was only one waiter that night. He explained that the other waiter bailed on him that night *yikes*.

Beef Empanadas from Cafe Charlotte

Beef Empanadas – $2 (each): These are the yummiest beef empanadas I’ve  ever had. The crust is thin and crispy, and there was a ton of stuffing in there. I never expected that much beef in a little empanada, but I was not complaining. The beef was flavorful and fresh. Yums!

Jas' Spaghetti Carbonara

Spaghetti Carbonara – $10.95: I’m usually very picky about carbonaras, and I very seldom order carbonaras when I’m out. I’m particular about the meat that goes in it, and so I asked if it was bacon, guanciale or prosciutto. He replied with smoked ‘Italian bacon’, and my guess is as good as yours. However, this is a very tasty dish. The sauce was the usual egg-sauce but with some cream in it too, combining the best of both worlds. [Italians only crack raw eggs in theirs, and the non-Italians think the carbonara is a cream-based sauce.] Jas liked it very much.

Emy's Skirt Steak

Skirt Steak – $9.95 (regular): The skirt steak came in two sizes, a regular and a large. I ordered the regular, and it spanned the width of my oval plate. It also came with one side, and I picked the garden salad. Both the steak and the salad were excellent. The skirt steak was easily the top five steaks I’ve had in my lifetime – it was well seasoned, nicely charred and sooooo tender. It was so yummy, and I would happily have this night after night. It was that good. The salad was fantastic too. I had expected a side salad, but it turned out to be pretty sizeable serving and deliciously dressed in a house balsamic dressing. I’d highly recommend this to anyone!
Cafe Charlotte

Address: 1497 Washington Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Tel: 305-535-1522

Hours: M-Sa | 12nn – 11pm
Su | 12nn – 10pm

Price Range: $$ ($10-$20 pp)


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