New Old Crocs!


I finally bought new Crocs “Alice” Mary Janes!

I got the first pair as a Christmas present from my aunt in 2008 or maybe 2007. They are the single most awesome shoes I’ve owned, and they have travelled with me to at least 25 countries – no kidding. They are light, waterproof and no matter how you squish them in your backpack, they never lose their shape. I even wear them as water shoes when I swim in the sea!

When the soles started wearing out about a year or so ago, I bought a boot-leg pair in dark brown at a pasar malam (street market) in Singapore. They look the same but the soles just weren’t good. They lasted about two months before being unwearable because there was no traction.

Fast forward to when we were in Miami a few weeks ago – we were on Lincoln Road walking around and saw a Crocs shop. Incidentally, I was wearing the old pair too! I figured that it was time to buy a new pair since there was almost no sole left (took more than four years!) I asked the sales associate and she pointed them out to me. Turns out they don’t make them in colors anymore, only black and brown. They were also $40! In the end, I didn’t get them.

Last week, I was searching EBay for them and found a pair in red. The same seller also had a pair in blue and so I ordered both of them. Two pairs of shoes – these will probably last me till the next decade! – for less than $50. Win!

One can only wonder where these pairs of Crocs will take me…


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