Paint N Pour

Last night, after a long day at school and an even longer day at work, we went to Paint N Pour for our painting class. It surely wasn’t the best day for us, especially when Jason still hasn’t had lunch (too much work, no time to eat) and we had to eat our lunch/dinner in the car on the way there while panicking about being late. Lesson learnt: Yes, you can eat fried rice in the car while driving, with little to no kamikaze rice grains. The reason why we had to go yesterday was because we really wanted to paint ‘The Dazzling Tree’.

For Paint N Pour, and other such painting classes, you pick what painting you’d like to paint and go there on that day. We picked ‘The Dazzling Tree’ because it really suited our apartment – the red was the red of our walls, and we had a rug with multi-color circles in the living room. Anyway, we got there two  minutes late – not bad for taking a wrong turn and eating fried rice while driving and the class hasn’t started yet. We got our paint and our aprons, and were all set.

The instructor, Suzanne, was really nice and did the entire walkthrough to painting. First you get some red pain and do vertical stripes. Then you get the orange paint and fill in the in-betweens. You get the idea… It was a nice controlled environment with a ton of freedom, so that was great. You want huge stripes? Go for it! I mixed some pink with my background and felt completely badass about finding a cool color combination others didn’t think of (or so I thought.)

Here’s a tired by happy Jas with step one done!


Then, we added some light purple and blended it into the red. I like how mine blended really well. Some others had some splotches of obvious purple stripes, but maybe they just liked it that way. To each his own.


Then, we drew the tree and the ‘dazzles’ on the trees. It was really fun mixing your own colors and rather stress-relieving just painting spots on canvas. They look easy, but it really isn’t, and the challenge was where the fun was at. Before long, it was done. I had to stop myself from adding more stuff to the canvas because painting is so addicting.

Here, you can see our paintings in the foreground and others’ in the background. Mine’s on the left and Jas’ is on the right. I think we did a fairly decent job at this. Not bad, team!


You can check out the wall for upcoming paintings that Paint N Pour will be doing.


Our masterpieces!


And here we are with our pieces. We plan on putting them in the living room!

We really liked our evening at Paint N Pour. Everything from start to finish (and including drying time) took about 2 hours, so we were home by 10pm. I’m very proud of Jas for this. He thought he was going to be horrible at painting and he’s obviously wrong. He was also the only guy in the entire class, and sat through 2 hours of bitching and overly-entitled housewives without puking. We’ll probably even do this again! Recommend!

Paint N Pour
55A Main Street
Maynard, MA 01754


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