Boston Eats: S and S Restaurant @ Inman Square

Jas and I were in the vicinity of Inman Square one Saturday morning to buy an indoor bike trainer. After getting the bike trainer, we decided to get food, and S & S was just around the corner. I’ve heard so much about this place from friends, and am glad I finally got to try it. It was breakfast time, so we didn’t get to have their famed corned beef sandwich, but we did try some of their brunch specials, just in time to work it off with our ‘new’ bike trainer!

S & S really has an old school vibe to it. Our waiter looked like he could have been 60ish, and there since the restaurant started in 1919 (ok, maybe not.) The decor and all were also prim and proper, not the cool and hip join that you’d think you’ll find in Inman Square. The food was good, but really not mind-blowingly good. For the price, I’d say it was a nice treat, but I wouldn’t be running back here for more.


Eggs Copenhagen – $12.95: Delicious egg bennys with Nova Scotia lox instead of smoked salmon. Actually Nova Scotia lox is salmon. Lox is Yiddish for salmon, and Nova Scotia lox is actually brined salmon instead of smoked salmon. Quite yummy! The home fries weren’t great and didn’t have much taste to it. No crispy bits on the outside, and was a tang too salty for my taste.

Bavarian Toast – $9.95: French toast stuffed with cream cheese and strawberry jam. It was really heavy, and took us three whole days to finish it. I’m not even kidding! We had some at the restaurant, and it took us two more breakfasts to finish the leftovers. It was that dense! The first couple of bites were good, but it soon became too much to handle.

Apple Juice – $2.25: Small glass of juice that tastes like it’s from a juice carton. Not again!

S & S Restaurant
Address: 1334 Cambridge Street
Cambridge, MA 02139
Tel: (617) 354-0777
Hours: M-W | 7am – 10pm
Th | 7am – 11pm
Fr, Sa | 8am – 11pm
Su | 8am – 10pm
Price Range: $$ ($10-$20 per person)


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