Crockpot BBQ Pulled Turkey

pulled turkey (3)

Now that school is back in season, my crockpot and I are best friends again. I’m pretty busy during the week – I have four long days and a shorter day during the week, and I have to teach and attend meetings every other weekend. On those crazy days, I just want to come home and have food ready, and not have to start defrosting stuff and cook. Hence, I make my crock pot cook for me.

Crockpots are awesome little helpers, but they do a very specific thing – they cook big cuts of meat down to delicious stringy awesomeness. This basically means you buy the cheapest most tough cut of meat, and the crock pot will make it awesome.

We bought some turkeys over Thanksgiving for 49c/lb, which is really cheap for protein. Actually we only bought two because that’s all our fridge could fit. I butchered up the turkey to have the white and dark meat separated, since I like turkey breast a lot more than the dark turkey meat. Unlike chicken, the dark turkey meat is tough, and has a ton of tendons. We baked the breasts a while ago and were left with all these dark meat. I decided to let the crock pot do its work and basically dumbed all the dark meat into the crock pot with some BBQ sauce. 8 hours later, all I had to do was to tear the meat from the bones (more like jiggle the bones to get it out since it is that tender by then) and add more sauce. Deliciousness, for almost no work- Emy FTW!


  • dark or white meat of one turkey (or more if it fits into your crockpot)
  • 1.5 cups of your favorite store-bought BBQ sauce (or more as needed)
  • [optional] 1/4 cup maple syrup

pulled turkey (4)

Place all the turkey parts into the crock pot, and cover with the BBQ sauce.

Turn on the crock pot to high for 6 hours or low for 8-9 hours.

After cooking, remove the bones, and shred the turkey meat. Add more sauce now if you need to.

Serve and enjoy! (We even made our own homemade kaiser rolls for this – yeah, so much for doing less for dinner. Haha!)

pulled turkey (1)

pulled turkey (2)

kaiser rolls (4)with our home made kaiser rolls!


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