Boston Eats: Demo’s @ Waltham

Since moving here, we’ve been to Demo’s maybe five or six times. I’ve always thought it was an okay restaurant, and never really thought that was that fantastic a place, but Jas and his family loves this place. To me, it’s the kind of place where I will go again, but I won’t be running back here or dreaming about it. The service is meh – no smiles, no hellos, no acknowledgement of your presense, and at worse, they ignore you for a while while you wait to order. That said, it’s a pretty chill place – you order your food at the counter, go find a seat, and they bring it to you.

There’s this one time (or maybe every time?) we realized that they charged an extra $4+ after tax (which is like 15% of our meal) and we had no idea why and were too chicken to go ask. No, they don’t give you a receipt with the breakdown too. That kinda left a sour-er taste on my tongue when we left, because I’m a scrooge and if I’m charged more, I’d like to at least know why.

demos (1)

Greek Salad (comes with dinners): The greek salads are usually delicious, but in the many times we’ve been here, they have also been rather average. I don’t understand how something dressed with just olive oil becomes average, but it’s got to do with the freshness of the greens. I’ve looked through photos, and some greens were yellower than others. That said, the salads are usually the part of the meal we look forward to the most. Despite everything, they are incredibly refreshing since it’s only iceberg lettuce with feta and a slice of tomato and one olive.

demos (11)

Lamb Shish Kebab Dinner (with fries) – $11.30: The lamb shish kebabs are delicious, but I’ve always been skeptical if they’re really lamb shish kebabs. Firstly, they don’t smell or taste like lamb, and they don’t have the texture of lamb either. So, in other words, they are either really really awesome lamb kebabs, or they are not lamb. Lets just give them the benefit of doubt and assume that they are awesome lamb kebabs, because really, they are nicely seasoned and that char is just awesome. This is my go-to order at Demo’s and I’ve had it maybe four times. Delicious and tender every time. (And I also question if it’s lamb every single time too.)

demos (2)

Beef Shish Kebab Dinner (with fries) – $11.50: These were my least favorite of the kebabs. The beef was not overcooked, but they were definitely tough. Again, nicely seasoned and a great char, but the meat was tough. Get the lamb version instead!

demos (12)

Chicken Shish Kebab Dinner (with rice pilaf) – $10.30: The chicken shish kebab dinner is probably the most popular dish on the menu. It is really good, nicely seasoned, adequately charred and always very tender. In fact, I’m impressed with how consistent this dish is! I would recommend this if you’re a chicken person, but for me, I usually go to restaurants to eat something I won’t eat at home – and we eat chicken all the time. Still, it is a fantastic dish and is on par with the lamb shish kebab dinner (and cheaper too!)

demos (4)

Moussaka – $8.25: I’ve tried the moussaka here once and I truly haven’t been impressed by it. The bechamel layer is too thick, and was very heavy. The beef layer and eggplant layers were fine, but I felt like there needed to be more of it since there was so much bechamel sauce. I’ve had better, and probably won’t be having these again.

demos (5)

Someone is happy with the Greek food. [He is 1/8 Greek!]


Chicken Shish Kebab Sandwich – $6.30: Apart from shish kebab dinners, they also have shish kebab sandwiches. It is basically the same as the shish kebab dinner, except with one less skewer and without the rice or the fries. The main part of the meal is the same, so if you’re not in the mood for a lot of food, this is a good option.

Lamb Shish Kebab Sandwich – $6.75: It’s the same for the lamb shish kebab sandwich. It is served with one shish kebab skewer, salad and a pita. Same delicious lamb skewer! Yums!

Address: 146 Lexington Street, Waltham, MA 02452
Tel: 781-893-8359
Hours: M-Sa | 11am – 9pm
Su | 12nn – 9pm
Price Range: $ for lunch ($0-$10 per person) / $$ for dinner ($10-$20 per person)


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