Boston Eats: Pho and Spice @ Waltham

I was so happy when Pho and Spice opened up on Moody Street in Waltham. It’s not exactly at my backyard, but it is close enough! It’s the second decent Asian establishment in town, and I am just so glad it’s a Vietnamese one. I love Vietnamese food – the simplicity and the intricacy with it’s flavors is just unmatched. You must think I’m crazy to put simple and intricate in the same sentence, but it really is so. Vietnamese food is based on a handful of spices, and mix these around, work them in a different way, and you’ll get something completely different. Case point: Pho tastes like pho because the onions in the stock are CHARRED (like completely blackened type of char!)

Anyway, I love this little place. I only wish it serves bahn mi too, but it doesn’t. I think the owners are Thai too, but I might be wrong. Whatever they are, as long as they keep serving up bowl after bowl of pho and buns, I’ll be happy.


Pho Tai (Beef Brisket only) – $7.95 (small bowl) and $8.95 (large bowl): The pho broth is very good. It is flavorful but rather light, which is somewhat different from other pho places where the broth just kicks you in your face. Jas likes this, while I prefer the karate-kick type of pho broths – strong and hearty. The meat is sliced thinly and still cooking in the broth when it arrives at the table. Otherwise, it comes with your usual pho ingredients like basil, bean sprouts and lime. I’d pay the extra buck for the big bowl because the bowl is just huge! Great meals for cold wintery evenings!


Pho Bo – $7.95 (small bowl) and $8.95 (large bowl): The soup is as above, but other than just flank steak, it has brisket, tendons, beef balls and other stuff as well. Perfect for the wintery days we have here!

pho and spice (1)

Bun with Grilled Pork – $8.95: Bun (dry rice vermicelli in nuoc mam, or the Vietnamese dipping sauce) is my all time favorite Vietnamese noodle dish. It is so fresh, so light, and so different from anything else I’ve tasted. Unlike pho, it is the perfect summer dish because other than the meat, nothing is served warm. The noodles are par-cooked, and the mint leaves and bean sprouts and pickled radishes and carrots are all uncooked. I love it! One thing to note: I think the meat was a little saltier than I would have liked, but I’ll still eat this again in a heartbeat. Yummy!

Pho and Spice
Address: 457 Moody St
Waltham MA 02453
Hours: M-Th | 11.30am – 10pm
F-Sa | 11.30am – 10.30pm
Su | 11.30am – 10pm
Price Range: $ ($0-$10 per person)
Overall: Good!


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