Chinese New Year, and the great Nemo blizzard


First of all, Happy Lunar New Year to all my readers, friends and family. As much as I like being out in the world on my own, it is just the hardest thing to be away from home for Chinese New Year. No one gives a batshit about the New Year here, and things just go on like nothing’s happened. No, not even Chinatown. Not one batshit given. Not one. It kinda pisses me off.

Well, I guess it’s hard for people who haven’t experienced Chinese New Year to understand what it’s all about, but for me, all I want to do is to just indulge in two whole days of eating all sorts of delicious cookies, goodies and food, spending time with friends and family doing ‘illegal’ things like gambling or chatting about life. I like the hype of getting new clothes, decorating the house, buying and making New Year goodies, and I just love spending time with the family. Alas, none of that here. I’ll say it for the umpteenth time – nobody gives a batshit about Chinese New Year here. *sigh*

Anyway, here’s what we did to celebrate Chinese New Year…

1. Called my parents and grandparents (and siblings and cousins) to wish them a great year ahead!

2. I made cookies! Walnut cookies and cornflake cookies to be exact. (The walnut ones were gone within two days – yeah, they were that good.)

3. Decorated our walls with New Year cards from past years. People used to send us cards, but we only received one this year. Also, look at the unopened red packets that my mum spent too much money sending here. (Seriously, I don’t know why I need red packets. I’m supposed to be receiving them!)


6. Hung up our ‘dazzling tree’ from our painting class at Paint N’ Pour. Read about our experience there here. You have to admit, they do look festive and auspicious! Also, isn’t that potholder perfect? (Christmas present from my brother!)


5. Ate steamboat for lunch and dinner, because steamboats are that awesome.


Here’s what we had for our steamboat. Top to bottom, left to right: Napa cabbage, kuay teow (flat rice noodles) [because it is always good to have noodles for the new year because they are long and auspicious], shrimp, mini pork dumplings, marinated sliced pork, fish balls, tofu puffs, sugar snap peas, chicken dumplings and carrots.

It really is nothing compared to what we have at home, but at least we got some steamboat happening.


Here’s stuff getting cooked in stock. I started cooking the stock  from chicken bones last night, and it is just really good stock. You won’t get this at any restaurant anywhere.  We wanted to have friends around, but because of the Nemo blizzard, no one could get in or out of their houses, so we had to postpone. Too bad guys, next time!

Secondly, Chinese New Year had to be on the biggest snow storm of recent years here in New England. Well, to be honest, I was really excited about the storm, and had been really excited until I walked out the next day and saw what happened. Here’s a play-by-play of the storm. I documented this from my porch every 2 hours from 10am Friday morning (thank goodness for a snow day!)


As you probably can’t see really clearly from the pictures, there didn’t seem like there was a ton of snow. Early projections had it at 34.8 inches total for the greater Boston area. When I went to bed at 2-ish am, I looked outside and saw nothing more than 1 foot of snow. Disappointed, I checked the weather reports again, and they had changed their predictions to 15 inches. I was pissed at that, because I really wanted a huge snow storm, and that every single effin’ weather madness had managed to pass right by us. We’re not even kidding! We were strolling outside during Sandy – nothing!


Woke up and saw that this neighbor had already dug his car out already. Also, look at those awesome icicles!

Anyway, when I got up this morning and saw that our car was buried, I was so glad! I really wanted this storm to happen! Turns out that we couldn’t even get out of our back door, and that we had to shovel our covered front porch (about 1 foot of snow.)


Shoveled our front steps!

By the time our landlord got here, we had already shoveled the front porch and the stairs down to the street. We also started to dig our way out from the back door so that we could shovel the back porch.


Here’s the view of our backyard/carpark with all our neighbor’s buried cars.


Here’s our back porch when we managed to shovel enough to open the door and get out.

We eventually managed to shovel the snow out of our back porch, but there was more than two feet of snow (about thigh level) in our entire backyard/parking lot, so our landlord’s plow didn’t help at all because there was nowhere for the snow to pile to.

Our neighbor who had a bobcat had their snow piled all the way up one driveway (they had two), and this pile was as high as their entire first floor (which is really 1 1/2 floors because it’s a raised first floor just like ours.) Seriously, if I could find a way to their back porch, I’d totally jump from the second floor of the back porch onto that awesome snow pile. I might even try jumping feet first. Seriously.


Our car, the fence dividing our backyard and their backyard, and their high high high pile of snow. It almost reached the second floor!

After deciding that a plow is not going to help the situation, our landlord left with a promise to come back tomorrow to try to sort things out. After he left, we jumped in the snow, made snow angels, took some pictures of our awesome backyard and all our neighbor’s buried cars.

Here’s some pictures we took in and around our backyard. I made a snow angel, and Jason jumped feet first into the snow just to see how high it was (crotch level?). It was fun, just like back in the 2009 Snowpocalypse in Baltimore. On a side note, I love my pink snow boots!


After that, we decided to walk around the neighborhood to see how everyone’s doing digging their cars out of the snow. We were surprised that the 99 across the street from us didn’t have snow on the ground and was up and running! I was quite impressed, but I still wouldn’t want to eat there. We walked around and were impressed at how high some of our neighbor’s snow piles were. One of them was even my height (see picture below – yeah, it’s the one where you can hardly see me.)


Lastly, my left cornea is scratched again. *boo* This has happened a few times now, the worst being in the winter of 2009 (I still remember being in Nikki’s parent’s hot tub overlooking their backyard with my girlfriends and thinking ‘wow, this is awesome’ *blink* ‘oowwww!’ Yeah, winter hot tubs are awesome, except that one time where my eyes were driving me nuts.) This always happens because my glasses will poke the inner side of my eyeballs if it’s moved suddenly. It happened again, and while it is less serious than in the winter of 2009, it’s worse than the other times. It hurts like a batfuck, but it is supposed to go away on it’s own after 1-3 days. Also, because I’m seeing double of every single thing, reading is impossible and I try to keep my eyes closed while I spend my day ‘watching’ TV. Ah well, life could be worse. At least I have internet, electricity, good food  and company while being buried in the snow.

This post is long enough, so again, Happy New Year from us!



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