Valentines Day 2013

It’s been a while since Valentine’s Day, but I’ve been so busy since that I haven’t had the time to blog about anything. Anyway, this is the 4th Valentine’s Day we’ve been together, and we’ve never been out for a meal on Valentine’s Day. Call me a scrooge, but I see no point in spending a ton of money on food that’s been marked up for that one day a year. I’d rather have the money in the bank and splurge on a delicious cut of steak (steaks are usually on sale at the supermarket on Valentine’s Day too!)

Anyway, this year, we did things differently. We went out for dinner! Yup, that’s a step up for us. We had dinner not at a fancy-pants restaurant, but at a very casual BBQ joint – Blue Ribbon BBQ. It’s so unromantic that we saw only two other couples there – and there was no seating that faced each other – it was that unromantic! However, the food was good, and that’s all that matters. Also, we had a Groupon, which brought our final price of two dinners down to $17. *wow*


Jas looks dumb in the picture because he just wanted to eat and I caught him mid-bite. I look dumb too because we were sitting in front of a bright red light.


My Kansas City Burnt Ends Dinner – $12.99

We had a good time, and had more than enough leftovers for another meal. My Kansas City Burnt Ends were really delicious – I especially love the fatty bits – but the highlight of the plate was definitely the mashed potatoes! They were so creamy and buttery, I swear the next time I go back to Blue Ribbon (and we will, because we bought two Groupons!) both my sides will be mashed potatoes. [I’m not even a mashed potato fan. I mostly hide from it!]


My favorite word – SALES! And we didn’t even order anything from the sub-10 sales menu. Splurge!

When we got home, I made a moist chocolate cake with pink buttercream frosting. That’s our usual Valentine’s Day dessert and it’s just so awesome. I’ll share the recipe another time. For now, just know that it’s awesome and I’ve made it twice since Valentine’s Day already.


If you’d like to see the house-Valentine’s Day setup, here it is! A heart silicone mold that Lilian sent me from England! I love that mold – it’s so cute!


I even got to use a heart shape silicone mold! Thanks Lillian for sending it all the way from England!

Since I had the craziest week leading up to Valentine’s Day, I didn’t have time to go out and get something, so this is what Jas got as a Valentine’s Day present – a handmade TARDIS card! [So much better than anything money can buy, right?]



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