February Non-Break

This February break has been completely insane! I didn’t have to go to school, but I had so much more work to do.

Due to the sheer number of concerts, rehearsals and work I have to do, we couldn’t go anywhere this break. Last year for February break, we went to Newport, RI for a few days and visited many huge mansions like the Breakers and Marble house etc. That was so fun, and the food was cheap and good. I’d like to go back to Newport to visit the other less famous houses that we didn’t get to visit. Gripe. April break will be no better – comprehensive exams.


Sciarrino lecture at BU. Went to [sound icon]’s concert on Friday too. Awesome Sciarrino and Romitelli program!

Anyway, while I went nowhere this break, I did go to more concerts this week than I’ve had in a while – the number is four! I really enjoy going to concerts, but the cold is such a deterrent. For those of you who know what New England winters are like, you’ll know that it’s cold and it stays cold. The cold and travelling around in the cold sucks even more when you live out in the goonies and that the one bus that services your area reduces service over the winter. Shouldn’t they increase service over the winter season so that people don’t have to stand out in the cold waiting for a bus? *tsk* MBTA *shakes head* (On this note: *tsk* SMRT *shakes head* You have fewer excuses – you are funded by tax payers money and are a service to residents. At least here in the US, most people have cars.)


BNMI’s concert at Ryles on Thursday night.

In addition to concerts, I’ve been up to my eyeballs in work. I haven’t cooked a fun meal in a while, and dinners have been just quick, easy and uninspiring. On the flip side, I’ve finished writing two papers and a script for a 3-hr presentation. I’ve also written out the syllabus and work requirements for a new course that I’ll be teaching in Spring 2014 that is all about Freddie Mercury. I’m almost done with hiring musicians for an entire concert in May, and will have to start hiring for another huge concert in April. I’ve also re-written a grant three times. Yes, that’s what I’ve been up to this entire week. I really do need a PA.

As expected, none of the work I’ve done this week are composing-related. Sure, most of it is music-related and I enjoy it, but I’d also like to compose. In fact, I don’t understand why people I talk to think I’m so free when I tell them that I’m a composer, and I compose on commission. No, it is really not that simple. I did a teeny amount of composing, which is completely unacceptable because I have so much coming up. In fact I have more rehearsals and another concert this week too.

In short, life is busy. Pardon my lack of posts.
Thus is the life of a graduate student.

PS. This is also why I had to resort to Instagram pictures, because that’s my most active online presence this week yet.


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