One and a half burglaries

Two weeks ago, on my longest day at school, our apartment got burgled. Yep. They took a significant amount of cash and some other small stuff. It took us a couple of days to recover from the shock, loss and feeling that we were completely violated in the one place in the world that was supposed to be safe. It quickly became shitty week, and the fact that it took us days to even figure out how they even entered the apartment. We eventually figured it out, and have added multiple layers of security to the apartment – stakes, bows and arrows, grenades and all – just like in Home Alone.

Exactly one week after that, I had changed my schedules around so that I could be home in the day (I’m such a smartass!), and they came back for round 2. Good thing I had stealth training and sensitive ears. I called the police, but when the police came, they were gone.

As a result of this, the police have been watching our neighborhood very closely since. Apparently there were a bunch of other burglaries around us. They have clues to who these people are, and I hope they nab them soon. I’m a little bummed about the lost money, but more than that, I feel completely violated of my privacy. Folks, lock your doors, and hide your kids, hide your wives! Though the money’s gone, we’ve learned our lesson and not keep valuables at home. I’m going to earn that money back many-folds – that’s what life does to me. An eye for more eyes!

Other than that, life is busy as usual. I have two pieces due at the end of the month, so I’ll be home a lot more just working and writing! I’ll just apologize in advance for the lack of updates – being a composer is 24/7 job!

I’ll end with a picture! This was my birthday dinner – mesclun salad with maple vinagrette and a butternut squash and caramelized onion lasagna. We were too pooped from the week’s happenings to bother to go out for a nice dinner, and his parents invited us over for games and dinner.



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