New Orleans: Crêpes à la Cart @ Uptown

Crêpes à la Cart is a little dingy shop on the corner of a street near the Tulane campus. It’s run by hippies and/or hobo – types, but they’re really cool. Gem, John and I didn’t have time to eat between meeting the Tulane composers and rehearsal, and so we had to find some food during the 20 minute break between rehearsals. The only reason we knew about this place was because we asked random Tulane students walking around for the quickest place to get food, and was directed there.

The shop was dingy, but also vibrant and colorful. The one thing that really stood out was the ‘please tip or a panda (or some other cute animal) will die’ sign (or something to that effect.) Seriously, I don’t like to be guilt-tripped into tipping like this. No, a panda won’t die if I don’t tip on my take-out order – seriously. Other than that, the crepes are delicious! They serve a variety of savory and dessert crepes, and the choices are endless! One thing though: although we found this place because we asked for the quickest places to grab lunch, it really isn’t a quick place because each crepe is made only when you order them. If you come in a group like us, be prepared to wait!


Chicken Florentine (chicken breast, spinach, mushrooms, white cheddar, dill and chive sauce) – $8: I asked the person taking orders which crepe I should get if it’s the only crepe that I got from them. She recommended the chicken florentine, and she is so right! The crepe was filled with a ton of chicken, spinach, mushrooms and white cheddear, but the star of the crepe was that delicious dill and chive sauce! In fact, if you look on the menu, you can ask for extra dill and chive sauce (they even made it a thing!) for an extra 25c. It’s a big hearty crepe and well-priced for $8. I’d totally eat this again if I were in the area.


French Twist (strawberry, banana, frangelico, cream) – $5: After rehearsal, we hit the crepe shop again. This time, for dessert! I took a long time picking my crepe. Everything looked so good! The strawberry and banana combination sold me on this one. It’s a good crepe, but I really wanted much more Frangelico in it. Also, the whipped cream immediately melted. Whatever! It was tasty!

130312 New Orleans4

Good crepes make happy people! Also, Terry’s first (ever) crepe.

Crêpes à la Cart

Address: 1039 Broadway St
New Orleans, LA 70118

Hours: M, W, Su | 10am – 12am
T, Th | 10am – 3am
Fr, Sa | 10am – 5am

Price Range: $ ($0-$10 per person)


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