New Orleans: The Rum House @ Garden District

The first night in New Orleans (technically my second), the Tulane composers brought us to Magazine Street for dinner. There were a ton of restaurants, bars and shops there, but most of the shops were closed. We wanted to go to another place, but they recommended The Rum House instead. There was a 20 minute wait because our party was so large – 11! – so we hopped across the street to a dingy bar for a few drinks while waiting for the buzzer to ring.

I like the interiors of The Rum House. It doesn’t look like a taqueria at all, and the waitresses were friendly and fun to goof around with (yes, there was a lot of that as well!) The menu was not very extensive, but everything looked different and good. I almost went for one of their large plated meals, but decided to go for tacos instead. It was almost 10.30pm and it wouldn’t be wise to inhale a rack of ribs with two sides at that hour. Well, considering that I had to be up early the next day – nope.


At The Rum House, they had a ton of cool tacos that you could make a plate with. They had Two Dat – 2 tacos and 2 sides for $10.95, or Taco Trifecta – 3 tacos sand 1 side for $11.95, or Mr Biggs Plate – 4 tacos, 1 side and a beef patty for $13.95. I went for Taco Trifecta, because I like the sound of Trifecta. On hindsight, I probably should have gone for the Mr Biggs Plate because damn those tacos were delicious!


Avocado Mango Dip (comes with salsa and chips) – $7.95: We got an Avocado Mango dip for half the table to share, and it came with freshly fried chips. Yes, you heard right – fried as in deep fried. The Avocado Mango dip was good too, but it was slightly disappointing because it was just a very good guacamole with some mango pieces and mango sauce drizzled over it. It tastes good, but I was expecting the mango to be completely incorporated into the dip, and not just on top of it. Maybe they should name it mango topped guacamole or something. Also, it’s expensive for $7.95.


The below came as part of my Taco Trifecta plate. Any three tacos from their menu, and a side!

Roasted Poblano & Manchego Polenta – $3.75: I love manchego, which was why I ordered their polenta. The polenta was okay. I would have liked it to be creamier, more of a manchego taste, and less solidified. It wasn’t great, and pretty much a regular meh polenta. Probably wouldn’t pick this side again. Their mac and cheese looked really good!

Fried Oyster Taco (Cornmeal dusted Louisiana oysters, caper relish and spicy remoulade) – $3.75: Favorite taco for the night! Crispy fried oysters are always a win, especially if their batter was as light as this. The spicy remoulade was really tasty too, and kicked a right amount of spice in the taco. If you’re iffy about spicy food, I’d recommend you order it with the sauce on the side, or with less sauce, because the sauce is pretty yummily spicy. Definitely get this taco!

Creole Rib Taco (Pulled pork simmed in spicy creole tomato BBQ sauce, roasted poblano pepper) – $3.25: The creole rib taco was good too. I didn’t know what was Creole about it, since it tasted like good pulled pork to me. The taco in general lacked texture, because there was only one ingredient in it – pulled pork. It could have been better with say, chopped pineapples or something with more texture and a flavor pop. My lease favorite taco of the three, just because the other two were good!

Chili Glazed Shrimp Taco (Fried shrimp, roasted poblano & red pepper relish, rum chili glaze) – $3.25: The chili glazed taco was great. The shrimp was fried like in the fried oysters – super light batter, and there were peppers in it – great crunch! The one criticism was that I wanted more chili taste, and it came out just a tad too sweet for a savory meal item. Good though, and if you get this, have this as your last taco because the flavors can be rather overpowering. Yums! I’d order this one again too!

Rasta Taco (Jerked veggies, avocado lime sour cream and cilantro) – $3.25: Ok, this veggie taco was one that I didn’t personally eat. However, I did hear from multiple sources that it was the best thing on their plate that night, so I’d say go ahead and try it! I wish I did!


This is my friend’s Mr Biggs Plate. Disclaimer: Photo taken by @sray88dolce on Instagram.


The Rum House

Address: 3128 Magazine St New Orleans, LA 70115

Hours: M – Th | 11am – 1opm Fr, Sa | 11am – 11pm Su | 11am – 10pm

Price Range: $$ ($10 – $20 per person)


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