New Orleans: Bruno’s Tavern @ Uptown

We went to Bruno’s Tavern on the second day after rehearsals, and we walked from the Tulane campus. It wasn’t a long walk, but it wasn’t a quick walk either, and I was impressed Stephanie walked there in her nice heels. When we got there, the place was almost empty, other than a few old guys at the bar drinking. It wasn’t quite the place I was expecting, but I sat down with the rest of the group anyway.

At Bruno’s, there were dart boards, a pool table (1 game for 75c! Not bad!) and a shuffle board. Sure seems like your college-hangout, and it is! 1/2 off with a college ID on Wednesday, and 1/2 off if you have a law school ID on Thursdays. A pity we weren’t there on Wednesday, because really, that’s what it should have cost.


Shrimp Po-Boy – $11.95: The shrimp po-boy was pretty good. The bread was really crispy, dense, and delicious, and the shrimp was deep fried to perfection. The outsides were crisp, and the shrimp was still crunch and fresh. There was the usual lettuce and tomatoes in the po-boy, but in general, the po-boy was still dry. I would have loved some spicy mayo in it to even out the texture, but it was still a decent po-boy. For that price, and with no side of fries, I thought it was expensive, and I probably wouldn’t be back for it either, because I’ve been in NOLA for 2 days and I’ve had better po-boys already.

130312 New Orleans5

One Eyed Jack Burger (bacon and egg)- $9.95: I didn’t exactly try this, but it was a unanimous 100% awesome from the rest of the party (6 pax) who all had this burger. They had it the day before and wanted to go back for more, so I’m sure it’s a great burger. Again, for that price without fries or a side, I think it’s an expensive burger.


Bruno’s Tavern

Address: 7538 Maple St
New Orleans, LA 70118

Hours: M-Su | 11.30am – 3am

Price Range: $$ ($10-$20 per person)


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