New Orleans: Cajun Cafe at the Market @ French Quarter

After two days of dying to get real Cajun food while in New Orleans, and being disappointed because didn’t get Cajun food, or got really bad Cajun food (at Marigny Brasserie – please do NOT go there!), I decided to check Yelp for good, cheap and real Cajun food. That’s when I found Cajun Cafe at the Market, and I’m so glad I did!

130312 New Orleans8

Cajun Cafe at the Market is in the French Market at the French Quarter. It is a small stall, but the decor was so happy and bright. I especially liked the chalk boards with colorful chalk, decorations of all sorts of hot sauce, and candies. It really drew me in. I almost went next door because they served crawfish boil, but I decided not to because no one bothered asking me what I wanted after standing around for five minutes.


The waitstaff at Cajun Cafe at the Market were really nice too. I think they screwed up an order of the girls next to me, and so they gave them all sorts of freebies like drinks, and tasting portions of some items on the menu. I was sitting there wishing they forgot to give me something in my meal so that I can taste more of their menu items!


This was how it was served. Pretty!

Crawfish Etouffee – $10.50: This crawfish etouffee was undoubtedly the single best thing I ate in New Orleans for the two and a half days I was there. I’m not even kidding, it is that good! The broth was so flavorful, and there was just so much crawfish on this plate that it put the tasteless crawfish pasta that cost twice as much as this (from Marigny Brasserie – please don’t go there!) to shame. This plate had more than three times the amount of crawfish that the Marigny Brasserie crawfish pasta had, and it was half the price! The portion size is on the small side, so be prepared to order something else on the menu too.


Look at how much crawfish there is in here!

Cajun Cafe at the Market

Address: 1100 N Peters Rd
New Orleans, LA 70116

Phone: (504) 905-3212

Hours: M – Su | 10am – 6pm

Price Range: $ ($0 – $10) – most items are below $10!


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