Boston Eats: Chocho’s @ Porter Square


We were at Chocho’s to meet with our friend Ben, who was moving back to Michigan after staying in Boston for three years. Initially, I wanted to try Sapporo Ramen, which is also in The Shops @ Porter, but the line was so long again, and being Saturday, we just woke up and were starving to have lunch! Chocho’s was the quietest spot in the entire The Shops @ Porter, and I would usually avoid the quietest shop, but the menu seemed good, and Yelp seemed to be pretty happy with it too, so I thought we could try it for ourselves.

Honestly, after eating here, it is no wonder why it is so quiet because the service was fine, the food tasted fine, and the prices were fine too. It was a fine place to go, and I like the word fine, fine? But, it just wasn’t awesome, and it was a tad more expensive then the shops surrounding it.


Fried Dumplings – $5.95 : It’s a little pricey for six dumplings, but they tasted good. They were really crispy, and the filling delicious. The dipping sauce was okay, and I was really glad it came with some veggies to crunch on. I wish it was less pricey though. Give me two more dumplings for that price?


Bulgogi Dup Bab – $12.95:  I felt that the Bulgogi Dup Bab was also on the pricey side, because the picture you see above is not just meat! The rice is under the meat, so there really wasn’t that much meat in there. The seasoning and everything was okay, but tended to the side of not being very authentically Korean. I don’t know what it is, but it didn’t quite taste like bulgogi to me. The one thing I like about this was that it was served with some veggies, but I probably wouldn’t order it again in future though.


Dolsot Bibimbab (Beef) – $12.95: This came out sizzling, and the egg was half-cooked, which I love, because I just like the yolk oozing over everything. It also has a tiny bit of salad greens on the side, which was a fresh touch. The ingredients were plentiful and the beef was nicely seasoned. I would come back for this again.


Soondubu Jigae (Pork) – $11.95:  The soondubu was actually quite good! They let you crack your own egg in, which is always fun. The stock was flavorful, and there was a lot of tofu and pork in there. This set also came with banchan (side dishes) of kimchi, pickled radishes and fermented beans. I would come back for this too! Yummy!

Chocho’s Restaurant
Address: 1815 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140
Tel: (617) 868-4246
Hours: M-Su | 11am – 9pm
Price Range: $$ ($10-$20 per person)
Overall: Okay!


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