Boston Eats: Carl’s Steak Subs and Burritos @ Waltham


When we first started telling area folks that we were going to live in Waltham, many people told us about Carl’s Steak Subs. As such, the first thing we did when we first came up here from Baltimore in June 2011 was to hunt for apartments, and eat some Carl’s subs.

We have been to Philadelphia multiple times, and have had Pat’s, Geno’s and Jim’s cheese steaks. [My favorite is Jim’s, but ask anyone and everyone will have their own opinion. To each his own.] While Carl’s is a different sub altogether – it uses almost minced beef instead of sliced beef – it is also rather good. We call it the heart attack in a bite, because of how greasy and cheesy it is, and as such we’ve only been there three times in the past two years (ok, four times, if I count the time I brought my brother there and I didn’t get one.) Also, Jas and I share one because it is large enough (or used to be large enough.)

We went to Carl’s again recently after almost a year, and was disappointed to see that the prices have risen (it’s almost $10 for the large steak sub after tax – a bit much for a takeout sandwich IMHO) and the portion sizes have shrunk – there was a time we had three meals to a sub, but this time, we had two meals to a sub and was still hungry! Nevertheless, it is a good sub, and worth even calorie and heart attack (ok, maybe not heart attack.)

One more thing to note: Don’t expect service here. They don’t greet with smiles and are very impatient. That’s surely a downside.


Steak Sub with Onions and Peppers (Large) – $9.25: Awesome steak sub. It’s not shaved meat, but chopped? It’s cheesy (but you can’t choose which cheese you want) and the buns are toasted well. A tad expensive, but I would still get it once in a long while because it is a Waltham classic.


Carl’s Steak Subs and Burritos
Address: 55 Prospect Street, Waltham MA
Phone: (781) 893-9313
Hours: M-Sa | 11am – 9pm
Su | 12pm – 6pm
Price Range: $ ($0-$10 per person)
Overall: Good, but probably heart clogging!


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