Boston Eats: Bonchon @ Harvard Square

Went to Bonchon after visiting the Museum of Science (Boston) with Jas, Kevin, Ben and Pri. Kevin had heard so much about Bonchon and wanted to try it, and I have had Bonchon in NYC before, and it was pretty good! I had never been to the Bonchon in Harvard Square before, so we decided to hit it! Bonchon is a Korean restaurant known for it’s fried chicken (they have it in two styles – hot and spicy, or soy garlic.) My personal favorite is their soy garlic, because I’m generally not fond of really spicy things, but the hot version is also very good. They have Korean BBQ at the Harvard Square location too, so we decided to try that as well.

Bonchon in Harvard Square is in the basement of a weird building (with Staples and some other Asian restaurants.) The entrance was really strange because you’ll see arrows pointing you to Bonchon, but the real entrance is many turns and a flight of steps, and more turns away. With it’s almost excessive signage and directions, we found it, and were glad to make it just before it started becoming really busy.


Plain Salad – $4.95: It was good. The dressing was some sort of sweet sesame soy, which worked very well with the other barbecued meats we ordered. It was a decent serving size for a side for three people and I would definitely order this again if I’m back.

'13-3 kitchen

Angus Galbi Short Rib – $13.95: This was certainly NOT short rib. There was no rib in it! The waitress kept insisting that it was, but I gave up and didn’t bother arguing. It was sliced along the grain (always slice meat against the grain!), and thus very very VERY tough. I would avoid this in future. Not only it wasn’t the cut I ordered, there was hardly enough for a tiny tasting per person. Not worth that $14 bucks!

'13-3 kitchen1

Pork Belly – $10.95: This again was certainly NOT pork belly – where is the three layers of fat? Again, the waitress insisted that it was. The meat was very very tough as well, which made me very very disappointed in the BBQ. Also, you cannot charge me $11 for 6 slices of meat that was not even what it was supposed to be. This is daylight robbery and I would never have BBQ at Bonchon again. That experience was a total disaster!


Spring onion and onion side: This came with our BBQ and was really refreshing, crunchy and tasty. Unfortunately, that’s about the highlight of the BBQ experience. The meats were absolutely horrible! They didn’t serve the cut you order, opting for cheaper and less tasty cuts, and the portions were amazingly tiny. Nope, never again!


Fried Chicken Combo (Large) – $28.95: This large combo came with 15 wings and 8 drumsticks. For that price, you’d expect a lot more chicken, but the fried chicken is just so good! We ordered the soy garlic, and it is just amazing. The crunch is there, and the chicken meat is perfectly cooked and juicy. It is not oily at all, and the soy garlic sauce was delicious. I will totally be back for this chicken! *yummy*


Green Tea Mochi Ice-Cream – $2: It was okay. Tastes like the mochi ice-cream you get in a large packet from H-Mart, but costs 4 times more.

*update* 5/30/14


Lunch special from 11.45am – 3pm! You can get 8 wings and 2 sides for $7.95! That’s a decent deal to me! 🙂 Also, soy garlic always!!

Address: 57 John F Kennedy St, Cambridge, MA 02138
Phone: (617) 868-0981
Hours: Mon – Sun | 11.30am – 11pm
Price Range: $$ for lunch ($10 to $20 per person) / $$$ for dinner ($20 – $30 per person)


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