Soon-to-be End of Semester!


This is a photo of me running my own rehearsal from the recording booth. I wear many hats these days – most days, I’m a tri/quad-combi of composer, performer, event organizer, recording engineer and host.

Apologies for the lack of blog posts. It has seriously been one of the worst end-of-semester-craziness for me. Four concerts (and all the rehearsals relating to the concerts) over two weekends. And that’s four concerts of my music being played, not four concerts that Actually, SIX! If you include those that I could not physically be there fore. Yes, it’s awesome, but it is also so tiring to have rehearsals every single night. Sometimes I wonder how I survived my undergraduate years, but then I realize that I don’t have half as many responsibilities as I have now.

Remember the two papers I wrote for my written general exams in April? Well, I passed both papers! Which means I don’t have to re-do any of these! I’m really excited about this as I had expected to fail one of it, since it is the school ‘tradition’ to have a passing rate of only 50%. Since I was the only one taking these exams this year, and I had two papers, I figured I would fail one of those – just because. Anyway, I passed! The next step would be to do my language exam, oral exam, write my dissertation, write my dissertation piece, present the dissertation piece and defend the dissertation. Yup! There really is a lot more to do, which is why it takes so long!

Also, since I’ll be in France for a summer festival this summer, and will be making my annual pilgrimage back to the homeland after that, I’ve been tearing my hair over flights because they are so much more expensive this summer (more than twice of what I paid last summer!) [FYI, I paid about $1150 last year to fly home. This year, the cheapest flight I could find was more than $2000, and that is excluding the France trip.) Every year at this time, I always feel a little bit (OK, more than a little bit) sad and irritated that I have to spend so much money on airfare because all of my family lives halfway across the world, and that it is ‘industry-standard’ to attend one or a few summer festivals in the summer. Last year, I spent about eight months of rent on just airfare alone. So, when you ask me why I cut my own hair, seldom eat out, almost never buy clothes, don’t have a reliably working cellphone, live in a rather crappy apartment in a not-so-cool area, and pick up random other good trash from my neighbors – well, this is why. And, I’m a musician and student with next to no income.

I wish airfares were cheaper. No, I wish I can have some floo-powder and instantly teleport via fireplaces back home, or anywhere.


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