New York Eats: Smorgasburg @ Brooklyn

Smorgasburg is the food ‘division’ of the Brooklyn Flea Market, and happens in two locations every weekend: Saturdays at East River State Park—Kent Ave. and N. 7 St.—on the Williamsburg waterfront; and Sundays on the DUMBO waterfront at the historic Tobacco Warehouse in Brooklyn Bridge Park. It features packaged and prepared foods, beverages, and more from purveyors from New York City and across the region, and you can find the list of vendors here. Reminder: CASH ONLY, so grab some cash on the way here!

I was very excited to go to Smorgasburg because I heard that it is amazing! Unfortunately, the weather was not all that nice that day, and we had a fair amount of drizzles. That didn’t dampen my spirit one bit as I perused all that Smorgasburg had to offer before settling on what I wanted to eat. The options were endless, and there were so many interesting fusion-y stuff that I wanted to try! [We went to the Williamsburg venue on Saturday, FYI.]


First step into Smorgasburg! I didn’t know where to start, so I just walked down the aisles, examining each stall. The outer perimeter had mostly food stalls, and the inner two rows mostly sold stuff that you can easily take home – honey, seaweed, breads, jams in a jar – you name it!


Philipino-fusion food! I wanted to try it, but the servings were tiny for $7. There also wasn’t a line to draw me in (I’m like my mum that way.)


Mighty Quinn’s! The stall that had by far far far the longest line at Smorgasburg. I was intrigued as to how good the food was, but was too lazy to stand in line. The line was really long – I’m guessing 40 or so minutes~ Mighty Quinn’s is a BBQ stall. No fusion, just straight up BBQ. I wanted to try it, but the line was too long, and the menu didn’t really speak to me (as compared to the other fun foods around.)


Bolivian Llama Party! The name itself drew me in! The stall was colorfully decorated, and the guy making the sandwich was artsy as fuck! The triple pork (pork butt, pork shoulder and ham hock) sandwich really appealed to me (pork is my favorite meat) and I had a hard time deciding between this, and what I eventually decided to get. Next time, Bolivian Llama Party!


Look at that beautiful sandwich the chef at Bolivian Llama Party was making? He was so engrossed in this sandwich!


In the end, I decided on Cemitas. This stall had the second-longest line, and I was pulled in by the diagram of what made a cemita. We spoke to some other regulars and they swore by how delicious the cemitas were. I stood around for a while, and observed the stall for a bit, and was completely sold.


Here is what makes a cemita! TEN layers! I picked my protein to be southern fried chicken because it was what most people were getting. You can get pulled pork instead of that, but I wanted fried chicken!


Here’s the chef making multiple cemitas at a time. He moved so quickly, it was no doubt that he’s been doing this for a while now. That stringy white thing is oxacan cheese. It is a white, semi-hard cheese that resembles fresh mozzarella to me. YUM!


Here’s my cemita. $9, and it filled me to the brim. What a fantastic deal! Everything was light and crisp, and the salsas were delicious too. In future, I’d try to split this with someone so that I can try out the other foods at Smorgasburg. I’m not complaining that it was huge though. It’s delicious and a great deal at Smorgasburg, especially when everything else is similarly priced but the portions are halved (or thirded – no kidding!)


Jas got a bulgogi and kimchi burger from We Rub You. He said it was delicious, but the kimchi was a little overwhelming. It was also $7, and tiny! My sandwich was at least twice the size of his – easily!


Here’s a PBJ (peanut butter and jelly) macaroon from Danny’s Macaroons! – $3, and so yummy! I don’t usually like macaroons, and I thought this one was good and would have a whole macaroon for myself. If you can gather up some friends, buy more because the price per unit decreases sharply if you get 2 or more. I think it was 2 for $5, 3 for $7 and so on…

We also got a maple lemonade for $5. If you know Jas, he’ll run after anything with the word maple in it. It was $5 and it was totally not worth it. You could hardly smell the maple in it, and it was probably more than 50% ice! I’ll try some other drink in future. 


Here’s all of us at Smorgasburg! That was our first stop that weekend for Dumbses reunion!


Here’s Jas and I before we walked out stuffed!



Address: Saturday | East River State Park, 90 Kent Ave at N. 7 St, Brooklyn NY
Sunday | Tobacco Warehouse, 30 Water St, Brooklyn NY

Hours: Sa + Su | 11am – 6pm (rain or shine)

Price Range: $$ ($10 – $20 per person)


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