New York Eats: The Halal Guys @ Midtown

The Halal Guys must be the most popular street-cart type food in New York City. People swear by it, and there are so many faux-Halal Guys carts around! On my recent trip to NYC, I’ve finally got to try it (mostly because I have no time for dinner before catching the bus back to Boston and needed something quick and cheap to take with me.)

It sounds like I wasn’t looking forward to trying this, and the truth is, it’s not my number 1 on my list to eat in NYC. I’ve always wondered what ‘halal’ means in this part of the world. This is unlike the halal food I know. Also, the white sauce kinda puts me off (but I heard it’s amazing.)



It’s a little strange to see one food cart with four or five people manning it, especially when they sell two things – chicken and lamb, and in two ways – wrapped or on a bed of rice, which is what 99% of people get anyway!



Don’t expect great service. They’ll take your order, make your order, get your money and then give your food to you. No smiles, nothing. Just straight up business!



Chicken with Rice – $6: This was how it’s packed, and it looks great for $6. It’s tasty, and it fills you up! I’ve heard a lot about the white sauce, and so I tried it too. It’s a tiny bit like ranch, and I say this it’s because it’s creamy and has black dots in it, just like ranch. The white sauce is good, but not as good as I was hoping. I used one container of sauce (they gave two), and I thought that was adequate enough to make the meal not taste dry, as it did without the sauce. The chili sauce is really spicy, so beware before you pour it all over the plate!


The Halal Guys

Address & Hours: 53rd & 6th Ave (in front of the Hilton) | 7pm – 4am
53rd & 6th (across the street from the above) | 10am – 5am
53rd & 7th | 10am – 5am

Price Range: $ ($0-$10 per person)


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