Cycling at Wompatuck State Park

Two weekends ago, we went to Wompatuck State Park with the intention to camp, since we had a tent that we haven’t used in two years! We looked into the parks close to us, but because we are so last minute, the only park that had any vacancy was Wompatuck State Park that is south of Boston.


When we started reading up about Wompatuck State Park, we read that it was a great place to cycle. We got a free bicycle on Freecycle and made it functional again by swapping out some parts. I recently also bought a helmet from my friend who was selling one, so we both now have bicycles and helmets. Also, we managed to fit both the bikes in the backseat of Jas’ old Camry, so we packed up everything and went cycling!


Wompatuck is a really flat park, and most of the trails are paved and closed to motor vehicles. As such, it is a great park to cycle!




In addition to the paved paths, there are also unpaved paths. We did a couple of those, and I got more than a few scratches from being stuck under my bike. Yup!




There is a tiny reservoir in the park, and people fish there a lot. I heard some people also swim there, but we didn’t see anyone swimming in there. It’s still really pretty seeing some water around.




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