Camping at Wompatuck State Park

After cycling around, we went back to the campsite to set up camp! The last time we camped was on Assateague Island in Maryland more than two years ago! The tent desperately wanted to be out in the sun again!


Here’s us with our tent up, fire going, and food getting prepped!


We used to heat cans of baked beans on the fire for food, but this time, I wanted something more than just boring old baked beans. I decided to cook foil-style, and brought with me some Montreal steak seasoning (my favorite ready-made seasoning) and some canola oil in my oil mister.

130531 wompatuck state park

For the chicken, I just sliced them in half, oiled it and poured a liberal amount of Montreal Steak seasoning on it! I did the same with zucchini and potatoes. So good!

130531 wompatuck state park3

I threw everything on the grill and just waited for it to get cooked. I also threw the corn with husks on on the fire too. Everything tasted so good, even the critters around us couldn’t wait to get some!

130531 wompatuck state park2

Camping food doesn’t need to be crappy or difficult. A little goes a long way!


Because we are such cheap people, we only bought one bag of firewood for the fire. We spent the rest of daylight time just gathering wood to feed the fire. Good thing we brought a huge saw to saw off trunks of fallen trees.


Us and our fire!


Actually, we are really proud of our fire. The last time we went camping, we didn’t quite have fire because we started gathering wood and getting the fire going too late.


This time, we learned from our mistakes and built our fire early, and set aside a bunch of time to gather wood so that the fire could go all night! We made such a big fire that at some points, it was about six feet tall! Whooo! Fire success!


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