Nantasket Beach and Pemberton Point @ Hull, MA

After breaking camp, we drove from Wompatuck State Park to Nantasket Beach. We got to Nantasket Beach 10 minutes before 10am, and already could not find free parking!



When we finally found parking, which was a couple of streets away, we headed toward the beach. When we got there, we saw that the sand at the beach was not so nice, and there were many sharp pebbles around. Those sharp pebbles totally killed the beach-going mood, and so we turned around and drove toward Pemberton Point.


Pemberton Point is at the tip of Hull. I think of Hull as a mini-Cape Cod because it looks like it on the map. As such, Hull would be mini-Provincetown!


We walked to the very tip, where there was a ferry to Boston’s Logan Airport! The ‘beach’ if you can even call it that, has no sand at all, and has many huge pebbles (well at least they were not sharp!) There were people fishing, and generally basking in the sun.




There was also a huge windmill there, and it was as close to a windmill I’ve ever gotten. It was also one of the first windmills in Massachusetts, commisioned in 2003! Those things are loud! We talk so much about alternative sources of energy, and I am in full support of that, but I would never want to live next to a windmill.







Right around there was also Hull High School. The graduating seniors decorated a wall and had planted some plants and made a little garden of the area. It was really nice. Here we are posing as 18yr olds in the graduating class of 2013!





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