Boston Eats: Windy City Dogs and More @ South Shore


We went to Windy City Dogs and More on our way to Wompatuck State Park! We stopped in for a quick lunch, and there were already a couple of filled tables there. The cook/server/order taker was very friendly and helpful! He talked to everyone, and even made sure that a table of middle-schoolers stayed safe and kept out of trouble. Exactly what a neighborhood joint should feel like!


Here are some daily specials! We were there on Saturday, so we didn’t get to have any daily specials at all, but that was okay.


Dogfather Chili Cheese Dog – $4.75: The Dogfather Chili Cheese Dog is different from other chili cheese dogs because the hot dog itself is spicy! I had mine topped with onions, and it was so delicious! It came in a poppy seed hot dog bun, and was incredible. The chili was like your usual good chili, and the combination of spicy dog with it just gave the whole dog a different and delightful kick in the tongue! Yummy!


Hamburger – $3.75: Why someone would come and order a hamburger from a shop with “dogs” in its name, is completely beyond me. But, Jas dislikes hot dogs, and so he got a regular burger instead. For $3.75, I was very impressed that the burger was not from pre-made patties. They were shaped on the spot and slapped on the grill. Jas said that his burger was very good, but a little on the overcooked side. Oh well, I’m still impressed!


Curly Fries – $2.25: These curly fries were fried only after we had ordered them, and were piping hot when served to us! They were so delicious and plentiful! We both shared a side of curly fries with extras too! Yum yum! I’m definitely coming back to Windy City Dogs the next time we’re in town!

Windy City Dogs and More
Address: 43 Washington St, Norwell, MA 02061
Tel: (781) 421-3595
Hours: M-Th | 11am – 8pm
F – Sa | 11am – 10pm
Su | 12nn – 5pm
Price Range: $ ($-$10 per person)


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