Boston Eats: Marvel’s Lunch Box @ South Shore


We went to have lunch at Marvel’s Lunch Box after driving back from Pemberton Point! Marvel’s Lunch Box is a beach front window that you can go order food from, but also has an attached and air-conditioned area where you can be served. We opted for the sit-down because it was burning outside, and we didn’t want to go to the beach and get even more baked.

Inside, the decor was really cute. Cutlery and sauces were placed in little sand pails on the table, and there was a really beachy feel to it. I loved the decor. However, we were confused when we walked in because it was completely empty, and there was no server even after waiting for a few minutes. We later saw a tiny sign saying that we should sit anywhere. This happened to others who came in too. Some people even left because no server came to show them in.


Chicken Strips – $8.95: These are not chicken strips made from real chicken at all. For the price paid, I would expect that it was real chicken and not some pink slime coated in batter. (Or, they could have given twice the amount of  ‘chicken’.) It was really disappointing. Fries were $2 extra too!


Crab Roll – $10.95: The crab roll was good! It was not very large, and the bread was not as soft as I had expected, but the crab filling was okay. They had some celery and onion mixed in, which did help with flavor a little.


In general, I wasn’t particularly impressed with Marvel’s Lunch Box. The food was okay, but I thought it was on the pricey side, especially $8.95 for four pieces of chicken strips that were not even real chicken strips! That really miffed me. Also, sides are not included and you have to pay more for fries or coleslaw. Won’t be running back here again!

Marvel’s Lunch Box
Address: 163 Nantasket Ave, Hull, MA 02045
Tel: (781) 925-4614
Hours: M-F | 11.30pm – 8pm
Sa – Su | 8am – 8pm
Price Range: $ ($0-$10 per person)


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