Boston Eats: Chili’s Grill and Bar @ Burlington


We were in Burlington for some last minute shopping at the Burlington Mall (Jas had to try on suits because he has nothing to wear to a friend’s wedding!) and grocery shopping at HMart. We decided to stop by Chili’s because we recently heard on the radio of someone being surprised at how good Chili’s is (I wonder how much he got paid to say that.)

Anyway, we got the $20 Dinner for 2 special, which consisted of a shared appetizer and two main courses from a smaller menu. Here’s what we got!


Half Margarita Flatbread: The flatbread was delicious and crispy. I would have liked this a lot better if there wasn’t ranch dressing on it. Seriously, ranch dressing? How is ranch dressing part of a margarita? This is crazy! Anyhow, it was delicious, and the ranch just bothered me a little.


6 oz. Classic Sirloin: Steak cooked to perfection! The stuffed mashed potatoes was topped with bacon bits and spring onions – yum! I’d totally go for this again, except maybe try a 10 oz. steak instead of 6.oz!


Mango-Chile Chicken: The chile was probably too spicy for my taste, and the sauce was a tad too sweet. I loved the mango chunks and avocado chunks, and the chicken was tender enough.

Chili’s Grill and Bar
Address: 108 Middlesex Tpke, Burlington, MA 01803
Tel: (781) 273-9303
Hours: M-Th, Su | 11am – 11pm
Fr, Sa | 11am – 12mn
Price Range: $$ ($10 – $20 per person)
Overall: Will be back!


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