Orlando Eats: Tako Cheena @ Colonial Town

This was from our Disneyworld trip! View other posts from this trip here: The Hyppo Artisan Ice PopsTeriyaki House, El Potro Mexican Restaurant, and Q’Kenan.


We went to Tako Cheena for dinner after Day 1 of InfoComm! When we were looking for places to eat, Tako Cheena came up multiple times, and even though it took us more than an hour to drive there (really really bad traffic on Route 4!), the dinner was completely worth it. Asian-fusion, Mexican and Latin American was the ‘cuisine categories’ for this restaurant – interesting isn’t it?

Anyway, Tako Cheena has a really awesome vibe. I loved the colorful chalkboard and our really friendly waitress! The place was small, but it was large enough that everyone who came through the doors got seated immediately. Perfect!


The menu of Tako Cheena changes a lot, but the famous and everyday favorites are the pork belly tacos, crispy cod tacos and Indian butter chicken burritos. Unfortunately, they were sold out the day we went, so we got everything else on their menu. Yes – everything, with the exception of burritos! Their tacos are also 3 for $8 – great deal!

Asian Braised Beef Tacos – These were the Asian braised beef with five spice. It is very soy heavy, and was a little salty for my tastebuds. I really liked the red cabbage topping on it though!

Thai Peanut Chicken Tacos – These were absolutely delicious. The peanut sauce was spot on! I wish the chicken was marinated a la Indonesian satay style, but it was still very good. This was also topped with the red cabbage and scallions!

Korean Bulgogi Tacos – The bulgogi was awesome. It tasted really authentic, and also had a sweet aftertaste. I liked this a lot more than the Asian braised beef tacos. There was also a bit of kimchi on top of the red cabbage for a Korean kick!

Indian Yellow Curry Tofu Tacos – The curry sauce could have been spicier and had more of a kick. I was a little disappointed with this one, but the crispy tofu was really crispy and nice!


Look at that super yummy Thai Peanut Chicken Taco!

In addition to four tacos, we also ordered every single empanada on the menu. For those who don’t know what empanadas are, they are basically meat or veggies stuffed in a delicious pastry crust. Think curry puffs! We got the beef empanada, chicken empanada and veggie empanadas. The empanada flavors at Tako Cheena changes from time to time, so it is really difficult to say what is there when, but they were all good!

Beef (Andouille Sausage) Lasagna Empanada – $2: Lasagna in an empanada? WHAT!? Well, that was my reaction too! Anyway, it tasted awesome, although there was really very little meat in there – mostly pasta. Still, a good effort at making things interesting. I’d jump at eating this again!

Chicken, Potato and Mushroom Empanada – $2: The chicken, potato and mushroom empanada is probably the empanada that is the ‘safest bet’ out of the three. It was delicious and reminded me of chicken pot pie. It’s also probably my least favorite out of the three, not because it was bad, but because the other two was just amazing!

Black Bean, Peppers and Potato Empanada – $2: When our waitress described this empanada to us, I was like – eummm, maybe… When we ordered it and tasted it, it was like an explosion in my mouth. Seriously, just black beans, peppers and potatoes, and it was so awesome. I think what hit me more was that I didn’t really expect this to be as awesome. Anyhow, try it. So good!!


Here’s a look inside the lasagna empanada. Rad!!!


For dessert, I wanted to go with an apple empanada or something, but our waitress suggested this fried tortilla chip in maple syrup and butterscotch sauce. With a name like that, who could resist? Especially when it’s recommended!

Fried Tortilla Chips in Maple Syrup and Buttersoctch Sauce – $? (forgot): Awesome way to end the meal! The crunch was superb, and how can butterscotch and maple syrup go wrong?


So, the dinner was so awesome that I had to try some of their dogs. We got two dogs – the Japadog and the Koreandog (whatever it’s real name is) – for supper!

Japadog – $3: Chinese sweet sausage on a hot dog bun with some red cabbage, scallions and furikake (seasoning dusted on Japanese rice?) This was awesome, and the aroma of the furikake really made this ‘Japanese’ – since the main component is a Chinese sweet sausage.

Koreandog – $3: Same as the above, but with kimchi instead of furikake. I like the Koreandog better because the kimchi cancels out some sweetness of the Chinese sweet sausage. That said, both the doggies were excellent and I can’t wait to try the Bahn Mi dog next time!

Tako Cheena

Address: 932 Mills Ave
Orlando, FL 32803
Neighborhood: Colonialtown North

Tel: (321) 236-7457

Hours: Tu-Th, Su | 11am – 11pm
Fr, Sa | 11am – 4am

Price Range: $ ($0 – $10 per person)


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