Boston Eats: The Lobster Pool @ Rockport


After the engagement, we were invited to dinner by Jas’ parents (I guess that would be my now future parent-in-laws [or is it parents-in-law?]) We drove almost an hour to Rockport to eat at the Lobster Pool, and I’m so glad we did because I love lobsters!!


Greeted by a lobster pool (with very active live lobsters inside) when you first walk in. We got there at 7.30pm (it is supposed to close at 9pm) but the only things they have left were lobsters. No shells, no shrimp, no nothing else – not even sweet potato fries!


The outside patio of the restaurant is right on the water, just separated by some rocks. As you can see, it is much more popular to eat outside than inside, but beware of the mosquitoes when night falls.


They even have a banjo and a 5-string guitar if you feel musically inclined.


Our food took a million years to come. We had to wait about 30 orders before ours came along, and so we just hung out outside till the sun set. Saw some beautiful cloud silhouettes there!



When it really came to night fall, they had smores on the weekend nights! You get to toast your own marshmallow, and they’ll smack it in the middle of two graham crackers with chocolate for you. All good stuff!

Since our food wasn’t here yet, we had a few smores to kill time. One hour plus and still waiting… I really stopped to wonder how long it took to boil a lobster, or if they only had one pot to boil lobsters in.


Finally, our food came, and we went inside to devour the lobsters. For $20.95 for a 1 1/2 pound lobster, fries and coleslaw, I would say it’s a pretty decent deal. Of course, I’ve had better lobster deals (like $20 for two lobsters, fries and coleslaw at the Raw Bar in Hyannis!) but lobsters are so seasonal that I really don’t care how much they cost unless they’re like $40 per tail!

Our lobsters were tiny, and not 1 1/2 pounds at all. One may argue that the shells are heavy, but we had the soft-shelled lobsters, and I’ve had enough lobsters in my lifetime to know how large a 1 1/2 pound lobster is. I wish my lobster was bigger, but the lobster was good. The fries were soggy and horrible, so we didn’t finish our fries. The coleslaw was very average, and so there’s nothing to cry about there at all.

Overall, for the wait, price and tiny lobsters, I wouldn’t be running back here again. However, I love the outdoor patio of the Lobster Pool! Maybe we’ll come back and get fried shrimp or something else that had already been sold out that day!

The Lobster Pool

Address: 329 Granite St
Rockport, MA 01966
Tel: (978) 546-7808
Hours: M-Su | 11.30am – 9pm
Price Range: $$$ ($20 – $30 per person)
Overall: May be back


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