Singapore Eats: Food Trails @ Singapore Flyer

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Went to Food Trails with my friend PY, who is a cultural and heritage blogger. Visit her blog here! Hanging out with PY is awesome because PY is really knowledgeable about Singapore heritage and history, and is always happy to share.

Food Trails ‘collects’ some of the countrie’s most popular hawkers and congregates them in a food court that is stylized to resemble street carts selling food in 1970s Singapore. I love the environment at Food Trails, but the food there is admittedly more expensive than regular hawker fare in Singapore. It’s a great place to visit if you are in Singapore only for a short time and want to eat good hawker food without having to run across the country for each dish. Good for bringing foreign friends (which in this case, was me!)

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Hong Kong Zhai House of Dim Sum’s Century Egg Porridge: The porridge was so smooth (cooked till oblivion) and the century eggs were of good quality. The crunchy flour crackers added some textural contrast which added some depth to the dish too. Delicious!

food trails (4)

Lagoon Kampong Rojak: This rojak was heavenly! You know it is good rojak when the uncle makes the sauce immediately and on the spot after you place your order, and then adds spoonfuls of peanut to the mix. The ingredients are fresh, and the sauce was fragrant and not overpoweringly sweet or fishy. The uncle also gave a lot of you tiao – my favorite!

food trails (5)

Katong Keah Kee Fried Oysters: Fried oysters, known as or luak in Singapore, is one of my favorite foods! To have a successful or luak dish, the oysters have to be fresh, and the batter has to be not too floury or eggy – a fine line to tread – and the eggs have to be really crispy too. One of the best foods if done right, and this one is perfect!

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Old Airport Road Satay Bee Hoon: In my family, we have a favorite satay bee hoon, which was the one at East Coast Park before it shut down (owners retired.) It’s the only good satay bee hoon I’ve tried, until I tried this one. The sauce is really smooth and flavorful, and the plate was littered with a ton of kangkong (also known as sa cha), pork slices, bean curd bits and bean sprouts. Though I feel that the one at ECP is better, this would be a good substitute now that the ECP stall is no longer existing.

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So much food for two people!

food trails (9)


Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert’s Ice Kachang Ball: This was the traditional way ice kachang was served back in the day. My mum tells me how she used to buy this on the way home from school for 5 cents, and walk home because she would not have enough money to take the bus! Delicious!

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Singapore Food Trails

Address: Singapore Flyer Pte Ltd, Raffles Ave
Singapore 039803

Tel: +65 6338 1328

Hours: Su – Th | 10.30am – 10.30pm
Fr, Sa | 10.30am – 11.30pm

Price Range: $ ($0 – $10 per person)


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