Singapore Eats: Bangkok Jam @ JEM

bangkokjam (2)

For my grandpa’s birthday, my mum, aunt, brother and cousin decided to take him to a new shopping mall in Jurong East called Jem. Coming from the east, Jem is really really far away, so it definitely is a special trip.

For lunch, we decided to go to Bangkok Jam since my brother recommended it. The setting was very casual, and the decor was interesting. It was a hip place that reminded me of the many new malls in Bangkok that sold women’s clothing.

bangkokjam (5)

Here’s a look at the menu. It looks like a newspaper.

bangkokjam (4)

Seafood with Pineapple Fried Rice (khao phad sapparot talay) – S$11.50: The pineapple rice was very mediocre. There was not much seafood in it, and the flavors were not overpowering or special. It was fragrant, but not something I would come back for. The serving was tiny!

bangkokjam (3)

Seafood Pad Thai (pad thai talay) – S$11.90: The pad thai was very mediocre as well, and a little on the sweet side. It could have used more tamarind juice! Again, there was not much seafood in it, and the serving was tiny! Not quite worth what you pay!

bangkokjam (1)

Spicy Papaya Salad with Soft Shell Crab (som tum poo nim) – S$12.50: The papaya salad is delicious! The papaya was sliced really thin and the marinate was delicious and not too overpowering. I wished the was more soft shell crab  because there were just two tiny pieces. Overall, it was very good, but very little food for $12.50!

bangkokjam (11)

Signature Thai Beef Noodle Soup (sen lek neua) – S$13.50: Very delicious and herby broth with a good amount of meat and beef balls. If you know what the Hock Lam Street beef noodle soup is, this is comparable, albeit more than twice what it would cost at the Hock Lam Street stall.

bangkokjam (6)

Thai Olive Fried Rice (khao phad nam liab) – S$11: Nothing special, very mediocre. Well seasoned, but did not have much of a fragrant olive smell. Expensive (considering it is only rice and olives) yet tiny portion – will probably not order this again.

bangkokjam (8)

Seafood in Red Tom  Yum Soup (tom yum talay) – S$7.90: Good flavor and a decent amount of seafood in the bowl. For $7.90, you get a tiny portion, so do not expect to share it with anyone (might be good for 2 if both just want a tiny tasting.) Red one is better than clear – by far!

Seafood in Clear Tom Yum Soup (poh tak talay) – S$7.90: Less flavor than the above, and also less spicy. Go for the above!

bangkokjam (9)

Green Curry Chicken (gang keaw wan gai) – S$12: Good spicy chicken curry. A tad on the salty side, and a good level of spicyness too. Not for the faint-hearted! Does not come with a bowl of white rice, so you have to order that for an extra $1.

bangkokjam (10)

Fried Chicken Wings with Fish Sauce Marinade (kang keaw wan gai) – S$9.50: Dry and not very flavorful unless you dip it in the given chili sauce. They split each chicken wing into two, so you really are getting much less than you bargained for. Will probably not order this again.

All in all, I feel that the meal was on the mediocre yet expensive side of things. Sure, the food is better than Thai Express (that’s barely hard to do), but the non-attentive service (asked for a bowl of rice three times, waited a long time, and then they had to ask us if we ordered a bowl of rice), teeny tiny portions (we did not leave the restaurant with full tummies) and relatively more pricy menu leaves much to be desired.

Bangkok Jam

Address: 50 Jurong Gateway Road,
Singapore 608549

Tel: (+65) 6268 9960

Hours: 12pm – 10pm

Price Range: $$ ($10 – $20 per person)

Overall: Will probably not go back again.


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