Singapore Eats: Paris Baguette @ JEM

parisbaguette (9)

We went to Paris Baguette for tea because our meal at Bangkok Jam left us slightly hungry. When we got there, there was seating, but because we were a group of 7, it was hard to get a spot. When we did finally get a small table (meant for 4), we had to search for chairs. The chairs were huge and were hard to move around, but we finally got a spot! Sorry to the Paris Baguette people, but seriously, you need to have seating for groups more than 2 or 4!

parisbaguette (2)

The display at Paris Baguette is amazing! There were just different kinds of breads and pastries out, and they all look fresh and appetizing! However, I gaped when I saw the prices of some things. Plain baguette – S$2.50. Ok, that’s not too bad, considering there were some baked breads (small ones, not a whole flavored baguette) for S$4 a piece!

parisbaguette (4)

We got a UFO (some sort of brioche thing), a bacon wrapped bread and a bread topped with mushrooms. The UFO was the tastiest! It was buttery all over, but crispy on the outside and cheesy/custardy on the inside. It was fantastic, and the cheapest of all three breads!

My next favorite is the bacon-wrapped bread (costs S$3.80 I think.) It was a little overwhelmingly sweet because there was a sweet sauce covering the bacon, and the bacon wrapped the bread with some sweet corn. Actually, it was a little too sweet for my liking, but it was still better than the mushroom bread.

I didn’t like the mushroom bread at all (S$2.90.) Actually, none of us liked the mushroom bread. The mushrooms give out a lot of liquid and so some of the mushroom juice soaked into the bread, making it a little soggy. The mushrooms were also savory and a tad bitter, which did not go well with the sweet bread. I won’t bother with this bread again. Looks can be wrong!

parisbaguette (6)

We also got some cakes to try! The one on the left is strawberry shortcake-like, but had a fancy name and was topped with a macaroon. It cost S$8.50 for something much smaller than the size of my palm – super expensive! It was not even that delicious, and in fact, I liked the crepe cake on the right much better!

The crepe cake was filled with strawberries and cream, and was much fluffier and lighter than the cake on the left. It went at S$8 per slice. It was also expensive, but considering that one had to make so many crepes to make a cake, I guess the price can be justified.

parisbaguette (8)

Something Paris Baguette is famous for is it’s puddings. We picked the original (S$4) and mango flavored (S$4.50) puddings. I liked the original much better, and would definitely recommend it. It is basically very thick cream flavored with vanilla. It’s delicious, but it can’t be good for you. The mango flavored one tasted very artificial and I didn’t like it quite as much. There was another flavor – strawberry – that we didn’t get, since both our cakes are already strawberry flavored.

parisbaguette (10)

Coffees all went for S$6 a cup (also on the expensive side IMHO), but at least they were tasty. We tried the caramel macchiato, cappucino and latte. The caramel macchiato tastes really good and is fragrant, but was a tad on the sweet side. I liked the latte (with a packet of brown sugar) the most!

parisbaguette (11)

Here’s my super cute grandpa with his birthday cakes!

parisbaguette (3)

Here’s the display with cakes. They all look so good!

parisbaguette (1)

Paris Baguette also sells real food like salads and sandwich too. Those come up to about S$8 per pop, but they look fresh and good!

Paris Baguette 

Address: #02-20, Jem
50 Jurong East Gateway Road

Hours: M-Su| 10am – 10pm

Price Range: $$ ($10 – $20 per person)

Overall: Probably won’t go back again


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