Singapore Eats: Saffron’s Cafeteria @ Tampines


Went to Saffron’s Cafeteria for a family supper after sending my brother off to London at the airport. I’ve been to Saffron’s before, and since it was near my uncle and aunt’s place, it is a very convenient meeting spot for the family. Also, they had ample seating and seat 11 really comfortably – which is always great for our huge family!


Egg Prata – S$1.50: The prata is not oily and very flavorful. The egg prata was fluffy on the inside, and the curries that came with it (one was sweet) was very tasty too. I liked the sweet curry a lot – it reminded me of chee cheong fun sauce!

Plain Prata (Prata Kosong) – S$0.80: My favorite prata is the kosong (empty) prata because there’s just no flavor that you can hide behind of for this prata. In that way, you can enjoy the full impact of great prata. I really liked their kosong prata. It was not oily and still quite fragrant. I’ll be back for more!


Lamb (Kambing) Soup: The kambing soup is my uncle’s favorite! I feel that the kambing soup here has enough of an oomph without it being too overpowering, which is very common in kambing soups because the mutton is lamb is a rather ‘stinky’ meat. The kambing soup here is thick and flavorful, and the lamb flavor is not too overpowering – good! Will come back for this too!


Mee Goreng (Fried Noodles) – S$3.50: The mee goreng is fried just enough such that there is little crispy bits on the noodles, and that the egg is not completely hardened and overcook. Just the right amount of everything – potatoes, chick peas and cabbage. The sweet sauce on the side is also not food-colored, and thus makes it feel a tad bit healthier than other mee gorengs, although I’m sure they’re all the same. Very good. But…


Bihun Goreng (Fried Rice Noodles) – S$3.50: Having the exact same flavor as the mee goreng, the bihun goreng is just fried rice noodles instead of egg noodles. I love the bihun goreng because they rice noodles they use are similar to the Heng Hwa style rice noodles – super super thin! That way, there’s more surface area in contact with the sauce, and hence makes it so much better. I highly recommend the bihun goreng; it is awesome!


Mutton Murtabak – S$6: The mutton murtabak was excellent too. Not too oily, and there was a good amount of mutton in the murtabak and the mutton was evenly spread out on the murtabak. Because of this, every bite was the same, and so there was no need to ‘fight’ for the middle bits! YUM!


Teh Tarik (Pulled Tea) – S$1.20: The teh tarik was excellent. Sweet (maybe ask for siu dai or less sugar next time), and the frothy-ness was spot on. I like it a lot! I wouldn’t say that it’s the best teh tarik I’ve ever had, but it certainly wasn’t bad at all!

Overall, I would totally come back here more often. The bihun goreng on it’s own already makes it worth it. Plus, it’s open 24/7, the waiters are friendly and speak multiple languages, and is also cheap. What are you waiting for? Come visit Saffron’s Cafeteria!

Saffron’s Cafeteria

Address: #01-1163, 201D Tampines Street 21

Hours: Open 24/7!

Tel: +65 67876010

Price Range: $ ($0 – $10 per person)

Overall: Will come back again!


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