Singapore Eats: Newton Hokkien Mee @ Kallang

I was at Kallang Leisurepark a few days ago because I was early for a performance of a new Hokkien opera scored by a friend that was getting performed at the Kallang Theater situated just next door. Since I was early, I walked around the mall and eventually stumbled into the food court.

At the food court, I saw that almost everyone was eating the same thing – Hokkien mee! As such, I decided to order a plate even though I was not hungry. If everyone’s eating it, it has to be good, right? Damn right it was good!

As I was alone, another lone lady came and sat with me. We ended up chatting and she offered to let me try her plate of pork ribs Hokkien mee – a new ‘invention’ at the stall! Thank you whoever you are, I really appreciated that mouthful of slightly different Hokkien mee.

* This post is dedicated to Hannah Lim – old friend, wonderful roomie and Hokkien mee lover!



Hokkien mee – S$4/S$5: This huge plate of Hokkien mee was $4! It came with three pieces of shrimp and half a dozen small-ish pieces of squid. It was extremely soupy, which I thought I didn’t like, until I tried it and slurped up every last spoonful of soup. This is the way Hokkien mee should be – all the noodles are Q (springy) and intact, and so so so flavorful! Thumbs up!

I also have to give a double thumbs up to the delicious chili. That little blob in the picture lasted me about a quarter of the way through the noodles. I had to go back and get two more large dishes of that chili. It was so good! It was fragrant with shrimp pieces and was only a tad spicy. I would go back here just to drink this chili. Double thumbs up. Big toes up too, if I can! One of the best chilies I’ve ever had!



Get what I mean when I say it’s really soupy? Mmmm… Yum!

Pork Ribs Hokkien Mee – S$5/S$6: The pork ribs Hokkien mee was less awesome than the regular Hokkien mee. For an extra dollar, you don’t get squid, but get two hunks of pretty boney pork ribs. Everything else was the same as the regular Hokkien mee. I wouldn’t have minded that much if the pork ribs were good, but they were tough and felt like they were leftover pork ribs from boiling in the broth of the Hokkien mee. Would not recommend. Stick with the regular Hokkien mee!

Newton Hokkien Mee

Address: Kallang Leisurepark, Koufu
5 Stadium Walk, #02-43/46
Singapore 397693

Hours: M – Su | 10am – 10pm

Price Range: $ ($0 – $10) per person

Overall: Will be back!



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