Singapore Eats: Wong Chiew Eating House @ Sembawang

We went to Wong Chiew for my grandfather’s birthday dinner because it was recommended by my brother. There is somewhat of a personal connection to Wong Chiew, although the connection is very distant. The restaurant/eatery is owned by the in-laws of one of my brother’s friends (told you it was distant!)

Anyway, the food was good and service was incredibly quick and friendly. If it weren’t so far away from where we live, we would totally be back more!


Kampong Bucket Chicken – S$14 (half chicken): The chicken is delicious! It reminds me of the samsui chicken from Soup Restaurant, but the chicken is less tender (but still tender) and more flavorful. For the same amount of money, you get a lot more chicken here too. Highly recommend!


Curry Fish Head – S$23: One of the most delicious curry fish heads I’ve ever had! So delicious, and filled with ladies fingers (okra) and eggplant. The spice level was perfect too, and I wish I could eat more rice so I can have the curry sauce. Definitely recommend!


Triple Egg Spinach – S$11: Spinach with salted eggs, eggs and century eggs. Delicious! Highly recommend too!


Fried Squid with Salted Egg – S$11: The squid is crispy and not overcooked – so crunchy! The salted egg sauce was a good touch, but not too overpowering too. I really really enjoyed this dish a lot. Highly recommend!


Red Wine Pork Ribs – S$11.50: The pork ribs were huge and nicely marinated. There was not much of a red wine taste, and tasted like good emperor pork ribs. I would have liked the pork ribs were smaller because it was a lot of pork ribs to eat for one person. Delicious, and would eat this again too.


Pan Fried Dumplings (guo tie) – S$3: Freshly fried and crunchy on the outside. The inside filling was fresh and flavorful. The addition of chives in the dumplings was a great idea. Delicious!


Prawn Cheong Fun – S$3: The cheong fun skin is made at the restaurant, but I felt the skin was a little thick for my liking. The prawn is fresh and the sauce is flavorful.


Char Siew Cheong Fun – S$3: The cheong fun skin is as above, but the char siew is delicious! They also make their own char siew in the store. Good!

Braised Chicken Feet (feng zao) – S$3: Tastes like regular good feng zao. Nothing awesome, but still tasted pretty good! Sorry! Forgot to take a picture of this!


Braised Pork Ribs – S$3: Tastes like regular tim sum pork ribs. Nothing that stood out as special, but still a good dish!


Custard bao (nai huang bao) – S$3: Ample filling and the filling was also not too sweet. Delicious when eaten hot!


Sup Kam Sang Mee – S$5: We ordered this because it was my grandfather’s birthday, and ‘Sang Mee’ translates to ‘alive noodles’. The noodles are fried till crispy, and a delicious thick sauce was poured over it. For the amount of money, I would have liked more meat, seafood and veggies in it!

Homemade Herbal Tea – S$1.70: Not as good as my grandmother’s herbal tea. A little too herby, and I’m sure they’re missing some herbs too.


Overall, I would come back to Wong Chiew in a heartbeat. It’s really awesome that it is 24/7 and serves really really good food. Highly recommend this stall, although it is all the way in Sembawang, which is a 40-50 minute drive from my parents’ house. Still, I will travel for good food, and this is great food!

Wong Chiew Eating House/Dim Sum

Address: 19 Sembawang Road
Singapore 779081

Telephone: (+65) 6456 6838

Hours: Open 24/7!

Price Range: $$ ($10 – $20 per person)


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