Singapore Eats: Astons Specialities @ Changi Airport

We were at the airport to send my oldest little brother away for his first job. The guy’s a high-flier – first job and it is overseas, and the company is sending him to two other countries for training. *wheePwhooP!*

Anyway, we decided to eat at Astons and sent my youngest little brother (there are three little brothers) to stand in line because the line is ridiculously long. About 40 minutes or so later, there was a table for us!

I’ve only had Astons a couple of time before this because I’m not usually a fan of western food, especially when I’m in Singapore. I think I make better food too, which is probably why I’m never quite impressed with regular Western food in Singapore.


Mushroom Soup – S$3.50: Tastes like something that came out of a can. The bread was also not crispy, though there was a slight garlicky aroma to it. Probably won’t have this again.


Garlic Bread – S$2.50: A ton of bread for not that much money. I would have appreciated it if it came out crispy and hot, but it was cool and soggy by the time it got to the table. Not good!


Chargrilled and BBQ Double Up Chicken with Coleslaw and Potato Salad – S$13.50: The chicken was really tender and soft. I think all the chicken pieces are the same, ie. marinated or not marinated the same way, but have different sauces poured over it. The brown sauce over the chargrilled chicken was good. The BBQ sauce tastes like it came out of a big bottle. Didn’t like that one too much. The coleslaw was crunchy and decent, while the potato salad was a little tasteless, and the potato chunks were too big.


Lemon Lime and Black Pepper Double Up Chicken with Mac n’ Cheese and Onion Rings – S$13.50: Similar to the above, but with lemon lime sauce and black pepper sauces on the chicken. The lemon lime sauce was quite refreshing and tangy, while the black pepper sauce was peppery and quite strong. I liked both of these sauces more than the BBQ! The onion rings were a little soggy and were a huge disappointment. The mac and cheese tasted like something out of a box too, and I really wasn’t a fan of the fake cheese. *eek*


New York Strip with Potato Salad and Coleslaw – S$17.50: The new york strip was cooked to a nice medium like we requested. The beef was really flavorful which is typical of new york strips, and was lightly seasoned to bring out the natural aroma of the beef. Not bad! Potato salad and coleslaw are as above.


Grilled Fish with Mashed Potatoes and Garden Veggies – S$9.50: The fish was actually nicely cooked and seasoned adequately. My one gripe about this dish would be that the quality of fish used was not very high. The filet must have been a generic white fish filet that was frozen before. I also didn’t like the white sauce very much, and thought that it ruined the dish more than saved it. The mashed potatoes were dry and hard, and the brown sauce (same as that for the chargrilled chicken) did nothing to save it. The veggies were great though – they were lightly steamed, green and still crunchy!


Salmon Fillet with Potato Salad and Coleslaw – S$16.90: Overcooked salmon has got to be one of the grossest things ever. Again, the white sauce disappointed and I’ve covered the coleslaw and potato salad above.

Overall, I really don’t understand why the line for Astons is so long! The food is on the passable to okay range, with some sides just missing the point altogether. The prices are on the cheaper side for Western dining in Singapore, but you really pay for what you get. The chicken and beef are not bad but something needs to be done with most of their sides.

Astons Specialities

Address: Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1
80 Airport Blvd, Singapore 819642

Tel: +65 6542 4709

Price Range: $$ ($10 – $20 per person)

Overall: Probably won’t go back again!


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