Singapore Eat: Thaipan @ Marine Parade

We had family from Indonesia visiting last weekend, so we all went out for a family dinner to Thaipan. Thaipan is the family favorite place to go because it has a pretty nice space for 10, decent food, and decent prices. Actually, after this trip, we realized that the food is not quite decent anymore, and the prices have gone up! *yikes*

P.S. All the photos below are for the large-sized portions. Yes, we eat a ton for 9 people…


Thai Pan Jade Tofu with Chicken Floss – $8 (S) / S$15 (L): The tofu is very soft and eggy. I like the tofu, but I wish the tofu was crisper. The sauce that is on the tofu is not very flavorful, but functions as a ‘glue’ for the chicken floss to stick on. I’d probably order this again. I like the combination of eggy tofu with chicken floss!


Butter Squid – S$10 (S) / S$15 (M) / S$18 (L): This butter squid got mixed reviews from the table. From what I could see, I was the biggest fan of the dish and probably ate more than half of what’s on the plate. There is hardly any butter flavor in this dish at all, although it’s called ‘butter squid’. The sauce is mostly made of eggs and is sweet. I think of it as the mushed up version of cereal prawns. The squid is no longer crispy after getting soaked in this sauce, and the batter peeled off some of the squid, but the sauce is quite tasty if you stop thinking of it as ‘butter squid’.


Yam Basket with Seafood – S$22: I really wanted to like this yam basket because I in general like yam baskets. The yam basket is rather delicious and crispy when it first came out, but very quickly became not crispy anymore. The seafood in the yam basket was not very plentiful at all. There were a few slices of fish and squid, and a couple of prawns, but for the most part, it was veggies. I wish there was more gravy with the seafood though. I like to dip my yam in gravy! 🙂


Baby Kailan in Garlic Sauce – S$7 (S) / S$11 (M) / S$15 (L): This is a really normal kailan dish. Nothing quite that awesome or horrible about it. I just wished that the presentation was better. Not too presentable for serving guests. At least put the veggies in the middle of the plate?


Stir-fried French Beans with Dried Shrimp – S$8 (S) / S$14 (M) / S$18 (L): One of the better dishes of the night. The dried shrimp was delicious and the beans were a little overcooked (overfried) and shrivelled. It was a little spicier than I would have liked, but the dried shrimp and garlic bits were really delicious!


Fish Maw Soup with Crab Meat – S$10 (S) / S$18 (M) / S$25 (L): Overly starchy and does not really have that much crab meat or anything in it. I felt like I was drinking starch water. Definitely will not order again!


Thai Pan Style Assam Fish Head – S$20: This dish was left completely untouched at the table. The assam sauce was not sour or spicy enough. It was just a tad sweet for assam, and the sauce was very thin and not very tasty. The fish head did not have much meat either. Will not order this again either.


Cereal Prawns – S$16 (S) / S$20 (M) / S$25 (L): One of the better dishes that night too! The cereal was really really tasty (like the butter squid!) and the shrimp had been all de-shelled already. However, for S$25, there really was not too may shrimp on the plate. I only managed to finagle one for myself 😦


Jing Du Pork Chop – S$9 (S) / S$15 (M) / S$20 (L): This is my pick for worst dish of the night. It was so bad that I cannot comprehend how something that looks so delicious tasted so… I can’t tell what it tasted like because it tastes like nothing. The sauce was tangy and quite good, but the pieces of pork were so bland to the point of tastelessness, and the outside sauce couldn’t even give flavor to it. In short, this is send-back-to-kitchen worthy, if we didn’t have guests. There’s no way I’ll order this again. Waste of money! Why would you make pork chops and not bother to even marinate it? I probably wouldn’t have minded if it smelled of pork, but the porky smell had been eliminated from it too. *eww*

Overall, Thaipan is not the restaurant it used to be. It used to be pretty good and cheap, but it is now not so cheap, and not good. I won’t be running back here for sure!

Thai Pan

Address: 13 Siglap Road
Mandarin Gardens
Singapore 448912

Phone: 6448 9827

Hours: M-Su | 11.30am – 3.30pm & 5.30pm – 10pm

Price Range: $$$ ($20 – $30 per person)

Overall: May come back again


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