Singapore Eats: Happiness Seafood @ Old Airport Road Market and Food Center / Kallang


We were hunting for crabs at Old Airport Road Market and Food Center for my cousin’s enlistment party. I heard that there was a good crab stall at Old Airport Road, but didn’t know which one it was. In the end, we just walked around and looked at what other people were eating, and ordered what looked good.

I saw a family eating chili crabs from Happiness Seafood and they looked pretty good. I found the correct colored plates nearby and thereby found Happiness Seafood. The stall owner told us that their signature dish is chili crab! Perfect – we found our crab!

At S$26/kg, these crabs are really reasonable. While walking around, I walked past a stall that sold crabs at S$42/kg! *yikes* That’s a huge difference! Reasonable and good? I’m introducing it to others!


Chili Crabs – $26/kg (it was $43 for two crabs): The crabs were very meaty! I was very happy with my crabby find! The sauce was spicy, eggy and salty enough that the crab meat was seasoned too. If you are into eggy sauces, this one is for you. I felt that the sauce was a little too spicy for my tastebuds, but I was overall happy with my crabs, especially at this very reasonable price!


Deep Fried Mantou – $0.50 per piece (minimum order of 10 pieces): You can’t go wrong with deep fried mantou! Let’s just put it at that! 🙂

Happiness Seafood

Address: Old Airport Road Market and Food Center, #01-113
51 Old Airport Road

Price Range: $$ ($10 – $20 per person)

Overall: Will come back again!


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