Singapore Eats: 5 Little Bears 五只小熊 @ Far East Plaza / Orchard


Headed to 5 Little Bears at Far East Plaza with some friends because it looked really nice from the outside, and we were craving for ramen. We had no idea that they did not sell any ramen till we all were seated. Being lazy bums, we decided to just suck it up and get some food here, although half the party already had Taiwanese food for lunch.

5 Little Bears is a Taiwanese restaurant (if you can call it that) that whips up Taiwanese favorites like the Braised Pork Belly Rice 鲁肉饭, fried chicken chops and oyster mee sua. The restaurant was decorated with red lanterns and was pretty crowded when we were there at about 8pm on a Friday night. The service was prompt and the server was very helpful (we had a picky eater among us.) That said, the food wasn’t great, and was more expensive than it should be for the environment and food quality.


Oyster Mee Sua – S$4.50 (top up S$1 for a drink and S$2 for a drink with bubbles in it): I liked that the mee sua was very thin and had some bite to it. They did not tell me that they were going to put chili in the mee sua, and I wouldn’t have minded it because I like chili, but the chili was too spicy! I could not drink the soup at all. I wish the option for chili was presented when I ordered, or they could have put chili on the spoon instead of in the soup. There was exactly three oysters in the soup. Very pricey for what it is.


Braised Pork Belly Rice 鲁肉饭 – S$4.80 (top up S$1 for a drink and S$2 for a drink with bubbles in it): Served with braised pork belly, some veggies, pickled veggies and half a braised egg, this seems to be the step-up version of the Taiwanese version. The veggies was a nice addition, and the pickled veggies were crunchy and well flavored. The braised pork belly was not very soft or flavorful, and would have benefited from a more herby and flavorful braising broth. This is a far cry from any Taiwanese Braised Pork Belly Rice, but I guess it is okay for Singapore standards.


Ning and I at 5 Little Bears!

For the money we spent, I would have expected the food to be better. The servings are large and the servers are friendly and attentive, but the food can be much heartier and better IMHO. Apologies if my knowledge of how it works in Taiwan ruined my experience there.

5 Little Bears

Address: Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Road #01-07
Singapore 228213

Phone: +65  6836 5198

Price Range: $ ($0 – $10 per person)

Overall: Probably won’t be back again.


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