Singapore Eats: Ramadan Market @ Kampong Glam


A couple of weeks ago, during the period of Ramadan leading up to Hari Raya, my friend PY and I decided to visit the Kampong Glam area because it was buzzing with activity!


Near Masjid Sultan, there was a special market selling some cookies for Hari Raya, and foods for the devotees to eat after sunset each day. We walked up and down the market looking for things to get for dinner, and since there were so many options, we had some serious decisions to make.


In the end, we decided on three dishes (though there was only two of us.) We had a doner wrap, beef kuay teow and mutton briyani! We also had an interesting drink I’ve never seen before called lemang, which was milk with basil seeds.


This is the stall we got our doner wrap from. It was situated right in front of Masjid Sultan.


Here’s our chicken doner. For S$6, I was actually expecting a lot more. I would have paid S$3 for this at most. *disappointed*


It tasted very different from other doner anythings I’ve had before. Somehow, the meat tasted really sweet and reminded me of char siew (BBQ honey pork).


This is the stall we got our beef kuay teow from. The line was so long, and after hanging around watching the lady make the kuay teow, which is wrapped in opeh (betel palm leaf), we decided to give it a go!


Here’s the beef kuay teow. Generous serving with a ton of meat and veggies for just S$6.50! I’d much rather spend money on this than a tiny strange doner wrap. [Sorry folks, you can’t really pull off selling something that tiny for S$6. No. Just no.]


Here’s our mutton briyani! The rice was very fragrant, but I really wanted more mutton and more briyani sauce. The stall also sold chicken briyani but it was sold out for the day already – a proof to how well-received it was. This was also S$6.


This is lemang, a sweet (perhaps too sweet?) milky drink with basil seeds in it. I really like it, and I guess I’m going to try putting basil seeds in my milk and see if it’s as good.


With all this food, one definitely needs a good friend to share it with. I had the pleasure of sharing this wonderful evening and meal with an old friend PY, who also has a fantastic blog here.


We also picnic-ed on a nice patch of grass in front of the Malay Heritage Center, just a short walk away from the Ramadan market. This is so unlike Singapore – few people picnic, but it’s so relaxing! Thanks PY for a beautiful afternoon!


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