Singapore Eats: The Marmalade Toast @ Ngee Ann City / Orchard

I was out with my mum and her friend one day, and at lunch (at 313@Somerset), they just could not stop talking about tea and this apparently awesome avocado wrap at a place in Ngee Ann City. Sure enough, less than an hour and a half after lunch, we found ourselves at The Marmalade Toast, sitting around and waiting for the tea-time special to start.

I’ve got to say though, The Marmalade Toast is a cool hangout. The reason I didn’t know about it was probably it’s extremely weird and awkward position not in the mall. I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s outside the mall, next to a pedestrian overhang? I don’t know how my mum or her friend stumbled upon this place, but I’m really glad they did, because the food is pretty good and I had one of the best iced lemon teas in my life here.


Glass and mirrors everywhere! I really liked the cool, clean and open concept.


Here’s their tea time specials scrawled on the mirror. S$6.95 for coffee or tea, with any cake (except choco fudge, lemon meringue and quiche [though that really is not a cake]). This deal is available 3-6pm on weekdays only.

Since we were too early for the deal, we hung around a little, and ordered some (more) food to share while we waited. We got the chicken avocado wrap (since they were raving about it), and the field mushroom pizza (two tables next to us were having it, and it smelled so good!)


Here’s the aunty making the field mushroom pizza. She’s a seasoned pro!



Avocado Chicken Wrap – S$12: A decent wrap, but indecently priced. A S$12 wrap? There better be lobster in there! Unfortunately, no, there wasn’t. It was a good wrap – crispy on the outside, the chicken pieces were tender and had obviously sucked up some salt water in the brining process. However, there was no croutons in there, and so the texture suffered a little. I wish there were more avocado too. I would pay a good S$7 for this wrap, but it is definitely not at S$12 wrap.


Here’s a cross-section so you can see what’s inside!


Field Mushroom Pizza – S$13: I love how this pizza is when it first came out of the oven. The dough was super thin and crispy (just the way I like it) and there were fresh arugula (rocket) leaves on top – my favorite! I wish there was more tomato sauce, and different mushrooms on the pizza. For a mushroom pizza, you’d think there would be at least two different mushrooms right? Well, too bad. The cheese was regular mozzarella too. [Wouldn’t it be nice if it were fancy homemade mozz?]


When 3pm rolled around, we went to get the tea time set! Here you see two coffees and an iced lemontea, a NY cheesecake, a carrot cake and a lemonata cupcake.


New York Cheesecake: This was less creamy than I thought. I also hated that it had a been-sitting-out-a-while type of crust forming on it. The soft insides were nice, if you can get over the harder outsides. Maybe I’m just used to cheesecakes at Cheesecake Factory.


Carrot Cake: This was excellent! There were visible strands of carrot in the cake, and there were a ton of nuts in it too. It was not too sweet, and felt very healthy. The cream cheese icing was sweet, and creamy, and added a different texture to the hearty cake. Yums!


Lemonata Cupcake: Not very lemony, but the vanilla icing on top was quite delicious! Just your regular cupcake – nothing special about it!


Iced Lemon Tea: The best thing that day! I don’t know why it’s so good. Maybe it’s the crushed ice, or the little bits of candied lemon in it. This was awesome and I’d totally come back for more iced tea!

The Marmalade Toast

Address: #02-11 Ngee Ann City
391 Orchard Road

Phone: (+65) 6733 8489

Fax: (+65) 6733 6783


Price Range: $$ ($10 – $20 per person)

Overall: Might be back.


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