Singapore Eats: Tom Yum Kungfu @ Boat Quay



After our awesome manicures and pedicures at Change Alley, we four ladies (my mum, aunt, cousin and myself) went to Tom Yum Kungfu for dinner. As usual, I have no idea where things are in Singapore anymore, so I just go with the flow and trust in their good tastes!

When we got to Tom Yum Kungfu, we were told that our SMS reservation did not get through – *huh*, but the manager was good enough to let us be on the waitlist because they usually turn people away. What was said to be the next table, turned into an hour and fifteen minute wait, but with colorful nails in hand, we roughed it through and finally managed to get a seat. That said, please send your SMS reservations because it is impossible to get a seat if you don’t. Impossible!



They had two shopfronts, and also had outdoor service, and even then, it took forever! Things smelled so good while we were waiting and we were definitely hungry ghosts by the time it was our turn to eat!



I like the decor of the place. I don’t know if it evokes Bangkok, but it does evoke 1970s Singapore, which I guess might have been similar.



That’s what the ‘inside’ seating area looked like. Pros and cons of course! Outside – hot and humid! Inside – there is AC, but the smoke from the BBQ could have you smelling like BBQ for days.


Set A – S$38: This is our set! They actually only sell 4 different sets – some with tiger prawns and mamee noodles, and others without. As you can see, we did not get tiger prawns or mamee noodles, but really, this was more than enough food! The pork is nicely marinated – not too sweet/salty/spicy or overpowering. It was very pleasant. The pork belly was not marinated at all, and I really wish it was, because well, it tasted like it didn’t have any marinade! However, there was a dipping chili sauce, so that saved the day. It’s on the spicier side for me though. We had scallops, fish cake and regular non-tiger prawns. Good stuff! The soup base is regular soup base, not tom yum, but still good!



Meat, glorious meat!



Set A also comes with a bowl of veggies, mushroom and tofu skin for your steamboat!



Here we are, loading the steamboat/grill with food. Yum yum yum! The hardest part about steamboat is that you have to cook stuff yourself, but it is so fun!


House-made Fish Paste – I forgot how much it was, but I’m guess it was S$10: We were recommended by the manager to try their fish paste. I really liked it because it was soft and very tender. Others at the table didn’t think much of it, so I dare say I had the lion’s share!


Deep Fried Seafood and Kangkong – S$12: I really liked the idea of this dish, and the first seven bites were awesome. Unfortunately, this became too much too quickly. Everything was fried till crisp, and the curry sauce that came with it was amazing. It would have worked in a much smaller portion, I feel.


House Special Thai Wings – S$9: These were pretty much a disappointment. It promised lemongrass and fish sauce in the marinade, which sounds great if you can actually smell any of it. Not only that, I kept getting lemongrass stuck in my teeth. Someone needs to tell them that they only use the inner leaves of the lemongrass, not the hard outside ones. Also, these were oily – *eek* The only redeeming thing of this dish was that it came with sweet Thai chili sauce. Won’t order this again.


Thai Milk Tea – S$2: Delicious milk tea. Sweet and milky! Quite different from teh-ping, but I can’t figure out what the difference is. Probably the tea leaves.


Thai Iced Tea – $2: Not worth the two bucks. Tastes like your teh-ping-kosong from the coffeeshop.


Aiyu (Iced Jelly) with Lemon and Lime – S$2.50: Delicious. Aiyu-ping is becoming one of my favorite drinks! Very tart!

20130816_201921 (1)

Lemongrass Drink – S$2: My favorite drink out of the four! It is sweet and fragrant! Cooling too!


Tomyum Kungfu

Address: 16 Circular Road
Singapore 049372

Tel: (+65) 93755736 (Send a text/SMS for reservation)

Hours: M-F | 11am – 3pm, 6pm – 10.30pm
Sa | 6pm – 10.30pm

Price Range: $$$ ($20 – $25 per person)

Overall: Will go back again!


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