Singapore Eats: Ichiban Boshi @ Marina Link Mall / Marina Bay


I brought my mum and aunt to Ichiban Boshi because she insists that she’s never been there before (but she has, because I brought her and my grandfather to the brach that was at the Esplanade!)


I used to like Ichiban Boshi a lot because I thought the huge sets were a good deal. A ton of food, for a fair bit of money. It was the place to go for pre-concert dinners because they used to have a branch at Esplanade, or if you wanted a lot of food for a rather decent price (for Jap food.) These days, I don’t care about having a lot of food. I just want it to be good!


Golden Shower – S$2.40: This was an interesting roll. I don’t usually go for cooked rolls because I’m so a raw fish type of girl, but I was suprised by this. The deep fried white fish was crispy, and so were the little crispy outside-things. YUM!


Spicy Tuna Roll – S$2.40: I guess I brought my American palate (whatever that means) back with me by ordering a spicy tuna roll. I was so so so disappointed that the tuna was 1) not raw, and 2) not spicy! How can you call yourself a spicy tuna roll??


Don Don Wazen – S$20.50: We got a don don wazen to share. It’s basically two mini rice bowls. I like the eel-don much better, though like I said, I’m a raw fish kinda girl. The eel-don was very conservative with the amount of eel – five teeny bite-fuls (obviously people here have never been to Japan before).


The sashimi don was contaminated with too much sesame oil and too much chili. The raw salmon smell was too infused with other flavors, and the other flavors were too overpowering.


Chasoba and Katsudon Wazen – S$18.50: This is my mum’s chasoba (her favorite) and katsudon set. The katsudon was nicely flavored and can be a gateway drug to Jap cuisine. Overall, it’s an okay set – not too much food and a good touch of everything.


The udon was cool and the seasoning sauce was not too salty. It was very refreshing!

Overall, I won’t be running back here. It’s decent food, but nothing that much to cry about.

Ichiban Boshi

Address: #B2-14/15, Marina Bay Link Mall, 8A Marina Boulevard

Phone: (+65) 68343771

Hours: M – Su | 11.30am – 9.30pm

Price Range: $$$ ($20 – $30 per person)

Overall: May be back again!


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