Singapore Eats: Zhong Guo La Mian Xiao Long Bao @ Chinatown

Update December 2014: The stall owners are no longer there. It is run by two male Chinese nationals now!


Jason’s first trip back here after three years. Tastes like diamonds – still the same! Thank goodness!! We had three longs between the two of us – that’s 15 XLBs each! Good times! Below are the 6 empty longs. Each long comes in two longs of 5. Also, it is no longer $5, but $5.50! Happy to pay the 50c!!


For the longest time, we’ve been coming to the Chinatown complex for xiao long baos because my uncle just loves these xiao long baos. It was after going to the states that I finally appreciated how awesome these little balls of soup goodness are – they are awesome! I’ve also converted many die hard xlb lovers to this modest stall at Chinatown Complex, so please do try!

Note 10/4/13: I heard that the main stall owners are on a long break (went back to China) and will only be back in 2014. Right now, they have two helpers in the stall but I’ve heard that the standard is not quite the same. I’ll just wait till they get back next year!


Xiao Long Bao – S$5 for 10: The soupiest little balls of awesome ever. These are my favorite xiao long baos in the whole world – that is a rare accolade for any restaurant! Super fresh meat filling too!


Guo Tie – S$5 for 10: They add some starch solution when frying the guo tie, so the bottom of the guo tie has an amazing crispy skin to it. Awesome! The meat inside is the exact same filling as the xiao long bao too – yummy!


Hong You Chao Shou – S$4.50 for 10: My other favorite at this stall. The dumpling skins are thin, and the dumpling meat is fresh. Topped with a tingling chili oil, these have got to be the best dumplings (other than xlb) ever. I love these, especially with a tad of vinegar! YUM!


Here’s my mum and grandmother. We three ladies ate 30 pieces of xiao long bao, a plate of guo tie, and a plate of hong you chao shou. This shows how popular this stall is with our family. I love this stall! These guys are the real foreign talents!


Everything is homemade. They’re making xlbs constantly, and you can see them make it when you order. Just like Ding Tai Fung, but better!

Zhong Guo La Mian Xiao Long Bao

Address: Blk 335 Smith Street
#02-135 Chinatown Complex Market
Singapore 051335

Telephone: (+65) 9743 5287

Overall: Definitely be back. In fact, I would live here if I could.


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