New York Eats: Smorgas Chef @ Financial District

Smorgas Chef is the place everyone loves loving. Committed to bringing “New Nordic Cuisine,” to New Yorkers, Smorgas Chef is also deeply committed to using local, sustainable, and all-natural ingredients. To do this,  Smorgas owns and operates its own 160-acre farm in the Catskills. The restaurant is small and cramp, but the decor is really cute, and the service is outstanding. Not to mention, the food was simply amazing! We went to Smorgas for Sunday Brunch because my younger brother was visiting and he wanted to try something different and interesting. I am so glad we did, because I probably wouldn’t have stumbled on this place myself.

Camera 360

Here is their Sunday brunch menu. I heard the eggs are amazing, but no one in our party ordered any brunch foods. Someone please try their eggs and let me know!


We were trying to figure out why my camera wouldn’t take focused shots unless it is in macro mode.


The restaurant also has a bar that makes mimosas and other brunch drinks!



Classic Smorgasbord – $18: This is an amazing dish! It has gravlax with mustard sauce, meatballs, mashed potato, potato kugel, herring, herring with mustard, apple and beet salad, and cucumber and dill salad. Everything on this plate was really good, and I will walk around the plate in a clockwise manner. At the back (you probably can’t see in the picture), was four slices of cured herring in mustard sauce. I really liked the herring, but the texture was a little strange. It didn’t feel like fish. It had the texture of something between raw fish and very smooth pate. To the right of that, I had another four slices of straight up cured herring. This herring was a lot stronger than the one with mustard sauce, and was verging on a little too fishy for my taste. Thankfully, the dry cracker helped with that a little. The apple/beet salad was fantastic. I would have liked more crunch from the apple, but it was still good. The cucumber/dill salad was something I expected not to love, but it was so fresh and was such a contrast to everything else on the plate, I had to love it! I also had four slices of very very lightly cured salmon – the gravlax. The salmon was hardly cured at all, and I really loved how light it was compared to the herring. The meatballs were also very delicious. The highlight of the plate though, was the potato kugel. It has caramelized onions tucked in it, and the sweetness of the onion really complimented the beet salad. 10/10 will get this again!



Swedish Meatballs & Lingonberries – $19: Here, you get ten pork and beef meatballs with mashed potatoes, red cabbage slaw and gradd sauce (that delightful cream sauce that comes with the meatballs.) They are soft but still have some bite to it. I was not very impressed with the mashed potatoes though. They could have been creamier, though I bet they were far more healthy than any creamier mashed potato. Red cabbage slaw was tangy and crunchy – a great textural contrast to everything else on the plate!



Smorgas Burger – $15: Just a regular burger. Ordered medium rare, but it came out more like medium well. We also got their tartar sauce, which tastes great with their fries! I probably won’t be spending this amount on a regular burger, but oh wells, at least it wasn’t bad…

Smorgas Chef

Address: 53 Stone Street
New York, NY 10004

Telephone: 212-422-3500

Hours: M-F | 11am – 4.30pm (lunch), 5pm – 11pm (dinner)
Sa | 11am – 5pm (brunch), 5pm – 11pm (dinner)
Su | 11am – 5pm (brunch), 5pm – 10pm (dinner)

Price Range: $$$ ($20-30 per person)

Overall: Will go back again!


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