Singapore Eats: Joo Hing Restaurant @ Joo Chiat

20130815_201902 Everyone in my family loves going to Joo Hing Restaurant! They have two shop fronts in Joo Chiat (one side is air-conditioned), I’ve been there probably half a dozen times, and have never been disappointed with the food. What we love about it is that it has simple Tze Char fare for good prices in a nice setting (especially if you’re at the air-conditioned side.) Even my grandmother likes this place, which really says a lot! Foodies may know this place as Joo Heng run by the famous marathon-runner who was in his 70s (he’s since passed), but it’s been changed to Joo Hing because of some legal issues.

20130815_194258 This is the air-conditioned side of the restaurant. We like it a lot better than the non air-conditioned side for obvious reasons!

20130815_195719 Deep Fried Shrimp Roll – $12: Delicious hae chor that is crispy on all sides – I love that it is fried in bite-sized pieces so that all of it’s surface area is crispy! The shrimp is also delicious and has a very deep flavor. Definitely recommend this.

20130815_195513 Teochew-Style Steamed Pomfret – $36Everyone knows how hard it is to perfectly steam a fish. Although we ordered a Teochew-style dish from a Hokkien chef, I was very impressed with how delicate this dish turned out. Even my Teochew grandmother agrees that it was good. I really liked the huge sour plums they used in this. Definitely good, but get a medium-sized pomfret over a larger one as the meat on the larger fishes tend to be tougher.

20130815_195045 Sambal Tapioca Leaves – $12: This is one of the most-ordered dishes at Joo Hing, and for a good reason – it is soooo good. The sambal is not overwhelmingly spicy, and is pleasantly a tad sweet. The tapioca leaves are tender, and it is a dish I wish I could cook. Absolutely delicious, must get this every time you go!

20130815_195731 Shrimp Paste Chicken – $10: While the shrimp paste chicken is very good, it did not blow my mind like some of these other dishes did. It is a good dish, very simple, crispy and flavorful. There’s nothing to complain about! Very yummy!

20130815_195128 Tofu with Shrimp Balls – $4 per person ($20): Of course, I saved the best for last, and this is my (and my brothers’) #1 dish at Joo Hing! I could definitely come here and have just this one dish with a bowl of rice, and leave a very very satisfied customer. The shrimp is so fresh and crunchy, and the tofu is so tender; it is the perfect marriage of textures. However, the very very best thing on this plate is definitely the gooey and eggy sauce covering everything. The very best. Note: They count how many people you have in your party and everyone gets a shrimp and a piece of tofu. If you want more than one, say so when you order. 🙂 I’ve had a ton more food at Joo Hing that I don’t have pictures for, since we didn’t order those on the trip I took pictures, which I think deserve mention on this post.

Steamed Baby Squid with Plum Sauce: The squids are unbelievably tender (you won’t believe it), and the sweet and tangy plum sauce compliments the squid. It’s so good!

Minced Meat with Salted Fish: The portions aren’t large (in fact it’s a little small), but for a good reason – this dish is so delectably umami that you should just have it in tiny portions. Excellent dish! Every time we get this, we have to get second orders of rice!

Steamed Fish Head with Bean Sauce and Crispy Lard Bits: Like the above, the steamed fish is awesome. If you like bean sauce and lard bits like me, you will love this dish, even if you don’t quite know what to do with a fish head (like me.) Unfortunately, people tend to be health conscious now, and so we hardly order this though it is so good! [Anyone who loves crispy lard bits have to get this!]

Beef with Bittergourd: As one of two bittergourd-eaters in the family (just me and my grandmother), I love this dish. Yes, it is bitter (only a tiny bit bitter), but the bitterness really brings out the sweetness of the black bean and beef slices that are fried with it. The beef is tender it is just the perfect way to incorporate bitterness into a dish. We love it, but also seldom get this because it means we two have to finish the whole plate!

Joo Hing Restaurant

Address: 360 Joo Chiat Rd Singapore 427605

Telephone: 6345 1503
Hours: T-Su | 11am – 2pm, 5pm – 10pm

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