Christmas 2013!

Sorry for the lack of updates! December has been an insane month for me, like really insane! It was the end of the school semester (and my 17th semester in university – yeah, it’s really been a while!), I had school deadlines, composer deadlines, grading deadlines and I had a friend who was visiting during Finals Week. All that meant that I worked till the very morning we left for our West Coast vacation. We went to California for a week and drove from San Francisco to San Diego (it’s a long trip – more than 750 miles!) – more about the trip later. We then made it back to Boston for Christmas!


We stayed over at Jas’ parent’s place on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day, we woke up, open presents, cooked brunch, then made stuff to bring to tea at his grandparent’s place. Here’s the Rogers’ family tree this year. Jas said it was the best-looking tree they had ever had.



At Jas’ grandparents, we had tea, then opened presents, then had dessert. It was simple, but very nice, especially having everyone together.



Here’s our sandwiches and scones for tea. I made the white bread for the sandwiches. They were good!



Here’s what we had for dessert – tarts, macaroons, cake, cookies and ginger brioche!

After tea, we went back to Jas’ parents and played games by the fire. We ate dinner at midnight – probably the latest dinner we’ve ever had! It was all fun and games until it ended – December 26 means it’s back to work for all of us, and that the year is coming to an end soon. Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and holiday season!


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