Boston Eats: The Abbey @ Brookline

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We headed to The Abbey to meet up with my friend MX who was moving cross country to Long Beach, CA the next day. We seldom head into Brookline because traffic there is often horrible! It was great to find The Abbey because I really like the vibe of the place as well as the food. Guess I’ll be back in Brookline soon!

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The menu is simple and classy. I really like one page menus – it is like putting your best foot forward.

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MX got this cocktail. I forgot what it was because we generally do not drink. This time though, she said it was so good that I had to had to try it. And so I did. I don’t know why it was so good because I have little to no experiences regarding cocktails, but I do think the lemon strip is beautiful. Whatever it is, this cocktail has gathered the approval of a friend. Trust her taste as you wish!

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Falafel Wrap – $10: Jas had this falafel wrap, and I thought to myself ‘They lied! That is no wrap! It’s a quesadilla!’ when it arrived. It surely looked like no wrap I knew, but I did try some of it, and it was good. The falafels were crispy and contrasted well with the pickled red cabbage inside. I felt like there could have been more layers of textures and flavors added to the dish, but it wasn’t bad – just nothing quite special.

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Grilled Organic Chicken Sandwich – $10: Keeping the best for last, here is their grilled chicken sandwich. I rarely order grilled chicken because it is so vanilla and boring, but I just felt like having some good white protein that day. The chicken was okay. It wasn’t crazy good or bad, it is just what a regular grilled chicken would taste like – tender, meaty, grilled. The avocado really added delicious creamy texture to the sandwich, and the brioche the chicken was on was just grilled to perfection. What I really liked though, was having a fresh salad in a great dressing, and super crispy fries. If I’m having a grilled chicken sandwich, this would be kind of sandwich I want!

The Abbey

Address: 1657 Beacon St, Brookline, MA 02445

Phone: (617) 730-8040

Price Range: $$ ($10 – $20 per person)

Hours: M – Su | 11am – 2am

Overall: Will go back again, if in the area.


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