Singapore Eats: Two Chefs Eating House @ Bishan / Thomson


I was thrilled to hear from my cousins that there was a second branch of Two Chefs that opened in Sin Ming. My uncle’s family lives in that area, and so we went to Two Chefs with them. Two Chefs has another outlet in Commonwealth. They are famous for their Butter Ribs (others call it the Milk Powder Ribs), and Drunken Cockles!


Drunken Cockles – $6: This is one of their more popular dishes, and was the first dish to arrive. It is steamed and chilled cockles served with light soy sauce and a ton of garlic! Seriously, there was so much garlic that even I (who loves garlic so much) had to pick garlic off the cockles or I’ll never get to taste the cockles due to the overwhelming amount of garlic on it. Not a bad dish, though the garlic was definitely too much. I don’t understand the hype of this dish because it seems like a simple dish I can make at home.


Butter Ribs/Milk Powder Ribs – $16: The most popular dish at Two Chefs. I had only heard of this milk powder ribs before, but seeing it in person was weird. I’ve never tasted milk powder on anything savory before. Anyway, the milk powder was fried with curry leaves, which makes me think that this was an offshoot of the ever popular cereal prawns. Anyway, I can’t say I love this dish. Sure, it is interesting. The meat could have more flavor to it too, and we could not finish the milk powder. Give me some normal ribs instead! [Should I also mention, these aren’t really ribs. They are just pieces of pork.]


Spinach with Three Eggs – $14: Spinach with three eggs seem to be a very popular dish these days. However, this one was not as good as many others. Firstly, it seemed like it was in a soup. Throughout the meal, I couldn’t figure if I should spoon this into a bowl or not. Taste wise, it was generally on the salty side, and the veggies were not cooked till soft. I appreciate the feathery whites of the egg, but it could also have more century egg for contrast. I was very confused with this dish.


Herbal Chicken – $16: I really liked this dish! It was light and the herb smell was very subtle. If you get a whole chicken like we did, they will serve you two half chickens in the herbal broth instead. The chicken is very tender and not fatty. The herbal broth was light and you can tell that it is chicken broth they use. I would recommend this dish. I could probably just finish one half with a bowl of rice by myself!


Tofu with Minced Meat – $15: To be completely honest, I don’t really know which tofu this was because it was recommended by the server. I always thought that people came here to eat the tofu with enoki mushrooms. That said, it was a good recommendation and I thoroughly enjoyed the dish. The tofu was crispy outside and was tender and smooth inside. The minced pork was flavorful and mixed with some shredded iceberg lettuce, was also light and not oily.


Pork Floss Prawns – $25: This dish was okay. The use of mayo with pork floss was probably borrowed from BreadTalk’s floss buns, but unfortunately it didn’t work as well here. The shrimp was deep fried without any batter, and thus was quite dry. I felt that the dish needed more may or more sauce in general, to make up for the lack of moisture in the prawns.


Fried Green Beans – $14: A decent veggie dish, but expensive for what it is. This was a deep fried green bean dish. The green beans were lightly deep fried and very green, thus very appealing. I liked that they added little bits of sugar with the fried dried shrimp. Very delicious! Could have used a sauce or something to bring it together though. It was difficult to pick up the green beans with the fried dried shrimp bits as the dried shrimp bits kept falling off!


Fragrance Crab – Market Price: No idea what fragrance crab was, but it was recommended by the server. It was absolutely delicious and I would have ordered more than one if I knew. Fragrance crab basically is crab in a salted egg sauce. The sauce was rich and fragrant (a nod to its name), but never once overwhelming. The fresh crab and the salted egg sauce paired very well together, and somehow the salted egg also brings out the sweetness of the crab. Definitely get this!

Two Chefs Eating House

Address: #02-01, 409 Sin Ming Avenue

Phone: (+65) 64513812

Hours: 11am – 10.30pm

Price Range: $$ ($10 – $20 per person)

Overall: Not bad!


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    • It’s hard to find a place that whips out all yummy food. Have you found any? Suggestions please!

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